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RapidSSL Certificate

A standard, yet popular Domain Validated (DV) certificate due to its low cost and rapid issuance process. With 99% of browser recognition and its encryption strength of 256-bit, it’s an ideal solution for protecting a single, entry-level site.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

This is a very popular wildcard certificate, as it offers full 256-bit encryption for one main domain and an unlimited amount of associated subdomains. Plus, being a Domain Validated (DV) certificate, it can be issued in a matter of minutes.

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Every SSL certificate we sell secures your website with strong 256-bit symmetric encryption. This exceeds current NIST and CA/B Forum standards—these are the accredited bodies that govern SSL. In addition, your certificate comes with a 2048-bit RSA signature key.

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Why does my website say "Not Secure?"

You need to add an SSL certificate to your website. The only way to get rid of that "Not Secure" indicator and replace it with a "Secure" one is to install SSL and serve your website via HTTPS. Fortunately, buying an SSL certificate is quick and easy. And if you need help installing it, we've got years of experience and are happy to lend a hand.

Why do I need encryption?

Google wants the entire web to encrypt. It's a matter of basic safety at this point. If we encrypt our communication and our data, we eliminate opportunities for cyber attacks. Google has been pushing for universal encryption for a while, but lately it's really turned up the heat. At the beginning of 2017 it started issuing security warnings to users.

Why should I pay for an SSL certificate?

Free SSL comes in one variety, domain validated single certificates. If you want to encrypt multiple sites, you need to manage multiple certificates. If you want extended validation, you're out of luck. That's not the case when you pay. When you pay, you get the benefit for being backed by experts. We can even install your SSL certificate for you.

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Trust is everything. And that's never been more true than in today's world, where there are now over 4 million data breaches per day. Tremhost has been simplifying trust and security for businesses across the globe for 8 years—your one-stop shop to get all of the products you need. Now part of the DigiCert family, our commitment to you remains the same—we’ll continue to offer expert support and great prices on products from DigiCert, Sectigo, TrustedSite, and other top security brands for our customers and partners.

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SSL Benefits

Here are two reasons why you should buy an SSL certificate for your website:
  • SSL protects your data and your customers’ data from hackers and cybercriminals. It encrypts the information that is transferred between your website and your visitors’ browsers, making it unreadable to anyone who tries to intercept it.

  • SSL boosts your online reputation and your SEO ranking. It shows your visitors that you care about their security and privacy, and that you are a trustworthy and legitimate business. It also helps your website rank higher on search engines like Google, which favour HTTPS websites over HTTP ones.

Why Choose Tremhost

No other SSL provider in the world has the dedication to the craft that we have
  • We have compatible and versatile SSL certificates. Our SSL certificates work with all major browsers, operating systems, and devices. We also support popular web hosting control panels, such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and stand-alone installations.

  • Our SSL certificates are issued by trusted certificate authorities, such as Sectigo, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL. We use industry-standard encryption algorithms and protocols, such as RSA, ECC, SHA-2, and TLS 1.3.

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Find the right type of certificate for your website


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An easy and affordable way to protect your site

Fast & Affordable Domain Validated SSL

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard up to 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining one of these SSL certificates couldn't be easier and is usually handled with just a standard email. A file-based authentication method can also be used and is recommended if you have direct access to the server that hosts your domain name.In order to receive a DV certificate from one of our trusted Certification Authorities (CAs), all you have to do is prove that you own the domain that you wish to protect. Since no extensive validation process is required, DV certificates are the most affordable type of SSL on the planet.

Reliable security with organizational validation

Business Assurance Validated SSL

Organization Validated certificates, or OV certificates, are a type of SSL technology that offers up to 256-bit encryption to websites of businesses and other registered organizations. The difference between OV certificates and domain validated (DV) certificates is that a little extra vetting is required to confirm that you not only own your domain but that your organization is also legit. But don't fret! So long as your business is registered, the validation process isn't a problem. In most cases, it only takes a couple of days and you'll be all set.

Boost Sales and Stay Protected with the Highest Level of Trust & Security

Leverage the Power of Maximum Assurance

EV certificates are the top-of-the-line SSL solution. Not only do they encrypt your website and safely protect user information from prying eyes, but they also come with a variety of premium features that boost trust and clearly demonstrate you're someone that's safe to do business with. The main way EV certificates do this is by displaying your verified company name in all major browsers, which confirms both your identity and trustworthiness. Not just anyone can obtain an EV SSL certificate. Before issuance, your Certificate Authority (CA) must first complete a thorough validation process to ensure that you're actually a legitimate business. When you choose an EV certificate, you're associating yourself with the best of the internet. Unlike DV certificates, which are commonly used by hackers, a Georgia Tech study found that websites protected with EV certificates are 99.99% likely to be free from phishing and abuse. Show your customers that you're investing in the best possible protection by getting an EV SSL certificate today.


4.6 out of 5 based

Comprehensive protection for all of your domains

Cost-Effective Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL

Multi-Domain and Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) protect all sorts of different fully qualified domain names (FQDNs): public ID addresses, private host names, IP addresses and other subject alternative names (SANs) with one simple solution. Rather than buying an individual SSL certificate for each and every domain you control, this SSL is a cost-effective alternative that simplifies the validation process, saves you money, and offers the encryption you require.


4.6 out of 5 based

Industry-leading encryption for subdomains with just one certificate

Secure Multiple Sub-Domains with Wildcard

If you have a website that has multiple sub domains, you're going to love wildcard SSL certificates. Rather than having to purchase an SSL certificate for each and every sub domain, you can actually protect them all with just one wildcard SSL certificate. This can lead to some major savings and make managing your SSL portfolio a breeze.

We Picked Up SSL Certificates You Might Like

Comodo PositiveSSL

For a fast website security solution, the Comodo Positive SSL certificate is the answer for you. This domain validated (DV) certificate offers industry standard encryption at an unbelievable price. Plus, this certificate comes backed by the Comodo brand, one of the most trusted names in internet security. As a basic SSL certificate, the Comodo Positive SSL is an excellent solution for internal domains and other domain names where you need fast and simple security without having to worry about injecting much trust into the site. This is just a standard domain validated (DV) certificate, which means it can be issued in only a few minutes. Once domain ownership is verified and the certificate is issued, your site will display "https" in the URL, along the secure pad lock and site seal.

Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard
$10 240/year

The Symantec Secure Site Pro Wildcard is the most premium wildcard solution available in the industry today. This certificate will cover one domain name ( along with an unlimited amount of subdomains (,, Aside from HTTPS, the padlock icon, full 128- to 256-bit encryption – what really sets this certificate apart from the others are two main features the Norton Secured Seal and ECC encryption. The Norton Secure Seal is the most recognized and trusted symbol on the web and ECC is the lightest and strongest encryption technology currently available on the market.

EssentialSSL Wildcard (DV)

This certificate will secure an unlimited number of subdomains which makes management and provisioning very easy. This wildcard certificate will provide you with unlimited server licensing, along with a static site seal.

Thawte SSL Web Server

These organization validated certificates allow your customers to see that your business was verified by one of the most trusted names in internet security. This certificate is recommended to medium sized ecommerce sites and comes with a dynamic site seal.

Symantec® Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain Wildcard
$11 180/year

Symantec™ is the most trusted name in the web security industry, and the Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain Wildcard shows why. This comprehensive and trusted SSL solution goes well beyond standard encryption, allowing you to secure your entire portfolio of domains and Sub-Domains on a single certificate. The Symantec brand name, along with the well-known Norton Secured checkmark, are two of the most trusted symbols on the web, so your customers will have instant assurance that you’re a reputable business—one that’s safe to do business with. Best of all, this SSL certificate comes packaged with daily malware scanning and a vulnerability assessment. You just won’t find a more feature-rich Organization Validated (OV) certificate, making this the ideal solution any business looking to throw its name in with the leaders in their industry.

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