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Buy low price & stable licenses for your vps /dedicated servers, Our licensing sytem are including: cPanel /WHM license for VPS/Dedicated servers, plesk, Directadmin, Jetbackup, Litespeed, whmreseller and more. cPanel is a web hosting control panel that automates server management tasks and offers various features and options.

License Main Feature Addons Pricing
Cpanel License for vps server Unlimited Cpanel Accounts Free Softaculous Auto Script Installer, Free SitePad Web Builder, Free FleetSSL $3.99/mo Order Now
Cpanel License for dedicated server Unlimited Cpanel Accounts Free Softaculous Auto Script Installer, Free SitePad Web Builder, Free FleetSSL $5.99/mo Order Now
Standard VPS Bundle for vps server Unlimited Cpanel Accounts Softaculous Auto Script Installer, SitePad Web Builder, FleetSSL, JetBackup, CloudLinux, Imunify360 $8.99/mo Order Now
Standard Dedicated Bundle for dedicated server Unlimited Cpanel Accounts Softaculous Auto Script Installer, SitePad Web Builder, FleetSSL, JetBackup, CloudLinux, Imunify360 $9.99/mo Order Now
Full House VPS for vps server Unlimited Cpanel Accounts Softaculous Auto Script Installer, SitePad Web Builder, FleetSSL, JetBackup, CloudLinux, Imunify360, OSM, LiteSpeed X Workers, WHMReseller $19.99/mo Order Now
Full House Dedicated for dedicated server Unlimited Cpanel Accounts Softaculous Auto Script Installer, SitePad Web Builder, FleetSSL, JetBackup, CloudLinux, Imunify360, OSM, LiteSpeed X Workers, WHMReseller $20.99/mo Order Now

& Reliable

Our Licensing system is the most stable and reliable - error less licensing system.


Our licensing system pricing is set low to decrease hosting companies expensives.


Our cpanel license is without glitches and it is easy to install for anyone.

Cpanel Version

Cpanel license is always for the latest version and you can upgrade anytime.


Very easy to install with a few simple commands.


Instant activation after payment automatically.


Configure the server for free by purchasing any of the products.


We will solve your problem as soon as possible.


Cpanel Shared License

Cheap cpanel license by Tremhost offers many benefits and features that make it a great choice for web hosting providers and resellers. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose Tremhost as your cpanel license provider:


Unlimited cPanel accounts

Cheap cpanel license by Tremhost offers many benefits and features that make it a great choice for web hosting providers and resellers. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose Tremhost as your cpanel license provider:


Free Softaculous Installer

You can install over 400 scripts and applications on your customers’ hosting accounts with just one click, thanks to the Softaculous Auto Script Installer. You can offer your customers a wide range of options, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, and more.


Free SitePad Web Builder

You can enable your customers to build their own websites with ease, using the SitePad Web Builder. SitePad is a drag-and-drop website builder that comes with over 300 templates and themes, and allows your customers to customize their websites without any coding skills.


Free FleetSSL

You can secure your customers’ websites with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, which encrypt the data that is exchanged between a website and a browser. SSL certificates also improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking and trustworthiness of a website. FleetSSL is a free and automated SSL solution that works with cPanel and WHM, and installs SSL certificates on your customers’ hosting accounts in minutes.


Bundles Available

You can choose from various cPanel bundles with additional features that enhance your web hosting business. For example, you can opt for the cPanel + CloudLinux bundle, which allows you to isolate your customers’ hosting accounts and optimize your server resources. You can also opt for the cPanel + Imunify360 bundle, which protects your customers’ websites from malware, viruses, and hackers.


Unlimited Cpanel Accounts

You can create as many cPanel accounts as you want for your customers, and manage them easily with the WHM (Web Host Manager) interface. You can also provide your customers with a cPanel control panel, which allows them to manage their own hosting accounts, such as creating and managing email accounts, installing applications, managing databases, and more.


Tremhost: Your Affordable cPanel License Provider

When it comes to managing your website hosting environment, having a reliable control panel is essential. cPanel, a widely recognized and user-friendly control panel, offers a range of powerful features to simplify website management. Tremhost stands out as a leading provider of affordable cPanel licenses. In this comprehensive essay, we will explore why Tremhost is the go-to choice for affordable cPanel licenses . From their competitive pricing to exceptional customer service, Tremhost ensures that website owners worldwide, can efficiently manage their hosting environment without breaking the bank.


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It is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for hosts. Having a cPanel license grants access to useful features that ease website and server administration & maintenance, minimizing the need for in-depth technical knowledge. It utilizes a 3-tier structure beneficial for administrators, resellers, and end-user website owners.

Because of the intuitive interface, various automation tools, API-based and third-party software access, application-based support, and compatibility with many Linux distributions, this software is now one of the most popular control panels used for hosting.

Also known as Web Host Manager, it is a server management interface that is part of the cPanel & WHM software suite. WHM grants administrative access to the backend of cPanel and the ability to create and manage multiple websites. With this, users can easily monitor their servers, manage backups and security, create, delete, or suspend cPanel accounts, access DNS zones, and more.

When combined, cPanel & WHM become a versatile control panel with useful features for both simple website tasks and larger, server-wide maintenance work.

It is used for many reasons. The most popular ones are because this software offers:

  • 1. A simple GUI. Without a control panel, you have to execute everything on the server through a command line. cPanel users only have to have minimal knowledge of website and server management as everything can be done with a few buttons on a simple web browser interface.
  • 2. Easier website maintenance and domain management. With a cheap cPanel license, users are permitted to install additional applications, add-ons, extensions, and software that automate repetitive server tasks and allows them to quickly create and customize webpages. Such features as Zone Editor, Site Publisher, Aliases, Redirects, and Subdomains make domain creation and handling tasks quick & easy.
  • 3. Improved security. It boosts website and server protection with such integrated tools as IP Blocker, Leech protection, two-factor authentication.
  • 4. Great file management. You can upload, create, remove, and edit various files through the file manager without the need for third-party applications or FTP.
  • 5. Database management. It also allows users to create and interact with their databases with such tools as phpMyAdmin or phpPgAdmin and has MySQL and PostgreSQL Database Wizard interfaces for handling large amounts of data.
  • 6. Helpful email functions. Users can make their email experience easier by using such integrated tools as forwarders, email routing, autoresponders, mailing lists, filters, greylisting, address importers, calendars & contacts, archives, and even encryption.
  • 7. Metric tracking. The cPanel license also grants access to metric tools that allow you to track everything happening on your website and server: traffic, visitor behaviour, bandwidth usage, errors.

The core differences between the two are:

  • 1. Distribution compatibility. While both run exclusively on Linux OS, DirectAdmin operates only on RedHat Enterprise, Debian, CentOS, and FreeBSD, while cPanel officially supports RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, and CloudLinux.
  • 2. Interface. DirectAdmin groups features into 4 main categories and has a simpler design. cPanel offers direct access to all the tools & features, and users can customize the interface.
  • 3. Extensibility. DirectAdmin offers add-ons and plugins but from there is a limited amount to choose from. cPanel has an app store with pre-approved apps and custom code options for extended functionality

Both are popular web hosting control panels. While they do offer similar features, there are some core differences:

  • 1. Distribution compatibility. Plesk is available for Windows, Linux, and 14 Linux distributions, including RedHat Enterprise, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. cPanel is only available for Linux OS.
  • 2. Interface. Plesk is streamlined for first-time users and groups features in a list on the left side of the window offering a tidier interface. cPanel does not group similar tools & features but it allows you to customize the home screen.
  • 3. Extensibility. Plesk already comes installed with various extensions for server management, improved security measures, website creation, etc., and there are a lot of additional third-party add-ons to choose from. With cPanel, users can download extra apps via auto-installers through the app store, which is carefully managed and verified by official support.

cPanel was built only for the Linux environment and doesn’t support any Windows OS and its distributions. Although more experienced users use backdoor methods to run this software on Windows servers, for convenience’s sake it is generally advised to use alternative control panels, like Plesk.

No, it is not free. Users have to purchase at least a cheap cPanel license to use this program and all the features on it. However, those that are interested in getting cPanel & WHM can take a virtual tour and try the free trial version on cPanel’s official website.

You can install it on your server, but you won’t be able to use it. The license grants access to the interface and all the features and tools on the control panel.

Your website and services will continue running as planned, you will just be locked out of the cPanel interface. You won’t be able to use the program to manage server tasks or upgrade such systems like Apache, PHP, etc.

No, a single license covers all the websites hosted on a single server.

It is pretty straightforward. Just follow these instructions:

  • 1. Log in to your server via SSH.
  • 2. And run this command:
  • cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest
  • The run the following command:
  • bash <( curl ) cPanel; TremhostCP

After you purchase our cheap cPanel license, it is activated and the programs installed, you can access these interfaces via:

  • cPanel – https://your_server_IP:2083
  • WHM – https://your_server_IP:2087

When you upgrade from a trial license or switch IP addresses, you need to update your license. To do so, run the following command on your server:


Then run the Following command:


Please scroll up to see prices.


Why not try our Managed Cpanel VPS Server or Reseller Hosting?

Lacking the time or capacity to manage your own server? With a managed server provider, you'll have more time to focus on your project or your business as we manage your dedicated server infrastructure for you. Our experienced server technicians and experts will maintain your server infrastructure 24/7. We'll take care of core updates. Our cpanel vps servers come with cpanel/whm with unlimited accounts plus free softaculous, sitepad, fleetssl.

At Tremhost we are proud to offer you cheap managed VPS hosting with a range of options from Small business to Enterprise level plans with any selection giving you total control over your own server including root access as well as cPanel control panel for easy management.

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Tremhost Reseller Hosting is the perfect way for web designers to make money online. Tremhost makes it easy for you to become a web host. With our reseller hosting, you can easily manage resource allocation between clients and brand the panels to suit your company's identity. Plus, we help you with the tech aspect of your business so you can focus on marketing. Get started today and make money with your web hosting company.

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