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Make Money as a Web Designer

Tremhost Reseller Hosting is the perfect way for web designers to make money online. Tremhost makes it easy for you to become a web host. With our reseller hosting, you can easily manage resource allocation between clients and brand the panels to suit your company's identity. Plus, we help you with the tech aspect of your business so you can focus on marketing. Get started today and make money with your web hosting company.

Reseller Hosting Features

Free Whm/Cpanel

All our reseller plans comes with Web Hosting Manager with full reseller features. cPanel comes as the end user control panel which is fully brandable with your company logo and color theme.

Softaculous Installer

With almost 450 app's to choose from Softaculous is the leading auto-installer that comes free with our resellers plans. You can install any script with just few clicks using its easy to use interface integrated in cPanel.

Basic DDOS Protection

All our reseller plans comes with free basic DDOS protection. Our server wide anti DDOS protection system protects your websites against small to medium attacks. We do not allow high risk DDOS clients on our network.

Multiple PHP Versions

We support multiple PHP versions and you can change to your prefered PHP version with just click of a button. You can even have multiple PHP versions in same account within a same cPanel account.

Basic Email Included

You Get Unlimited Email accounts with horde, roundcube and many other unlimited email apps which come with intergration settings to third party apps like Outlook.

24/7 Live Chat Support

We are one of the only reseller hosting providers that offers real 24/7 live technical support to resellers. Our support online 24 hours a day ready to resolve any type of reseller hosting technical issues.

WordPress Optimised

Our servers are specially optimized for WordPress and other similar CMS, delivering security, performance, reliability. ou can install / upgrade and secure wordpress with click of a button from our control panel.

CageFS Hack Protection

CageFS is a virtual filesystem that isolates each user's data and processes, preventing unauthorized users accessing sensitive information. This helps improve server performance, stability, and security.

Automated Daily Backups

Our reseller plans offer automated daily and weekly backups for all your customer website files, MySQL databases, and emails. You don’t have to do a thing and best things is the backup service is offered free.

Free WHMCS License

WHMCS is the world's leading all in one customer billing & support management solution for web hosting resellers. We offer the Standard $15.95/mo WHMCS license free with our premium reseller plans.

SitePad Website Builder

SitePad is an Easy to use, Drag & Drop Website builder with over 350 Templates. It comes free with all standard and premium resellers plans.

Attracta SEO Tools

Attracta, the award-winning SEO service plugin is offered free with our reseller hosting plans. Attracta helps small businesses to improve their search engine ranking and drive More traffic to their web sites.

White Labeled Servers

Our hosting is 100% white labeled. You can run your web hosting business, backed up by us, under your own brand. Our servers, name servers, hostnames, IP’s white labeled so your clients will never know about us.

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is an fast Global Content Delivery Network that can make your websites load faster by loading it from a server close to your visitors. It also improve security by blocking threats before they reach a website.

100% SSD Servers

All our standard reseller servers use SSD drivers which are much faster than traditional spin drives however our premium servers are using V-NAND NVMe which are 200% faster than standard SSD drives.

Cloudlinux OS

CloudLinux improves server security, stability and performance by using a Lightweight Virtualized Environment each user in the server unlike on traditional servers where all users are hosted on a single file system.

Free Domain Reselling

Get discounted domain prices for your users and clients. You have the latitude to choose the TLD’s to sell, determine the price at which to sell, as well as your profit margin.

Upgradeable Plans

You can easily upgrade your reseller plan to the next plan without and hiccups or downtime. We ensure everything is smooth.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We offers a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with SLA. That means your web server is guaranteed operational 99.9% of the time in any calendar month or we would your money.

Dedicated Team

Always on hand with support, insight, and personalized advice for assistance- our customer support helps you all the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cPanel reseller hosting is a cPanel account owner that can create, manage & host cPanel hosting accounts for his or her own customers using his or her allocated hosting resources.

Reseller Hosting in simple terms can be said to be a hosting service where you, the reseller, rent out your services to your customers, in turn, earning a profit. These web hosting services include server bandwidth, CPU, disk space, RAM, etc.

Reseller Hosting is a profitable business venture, and the reason is quite simple — you don't need a lot to run it. There's not a lot of initial capital required. You don't need expensive maintenance staff.

A shared hosting plan is intended for a single owner. No reselling is allowed on the shared hosting plans as it may affect other server users adversely. Only one control panel is provided for all the domains. A Reseller Hosting plan is for those who want to resell hosting.

When other parties re-brand the hosting products of one company in order to hide the connection between the party and company owner, it is called white label reseller hosting. This feature is significant when you are trying to resell the hosting services of other company.

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Tremhost was founded in 2016 and has grown into one of the leading providers of web hosting services. We have a long history of providing our customers with the best possible service and support, while at the same time providing them with a powerful platform that lets them easily manage their own hosting environment. Tremhost’s unique reseller hosting plans combine affordability, reliability and ease-of-use so that you can focus on growing your client base instead of worrying about overhead issues such as managing domains and accounts for multiple clients/subdomains.

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Reseller Hosting: Is It Profitable & Is It Worth It?

Reseller hosting is when an individual or organization rents or purchases bandwidth and disk space from a web hosting service provider and then sells it to a third party. In other words its where the hosting provider rents its storage, servers, space, and bandwidth to small businesses and these small businesses sell it to users and in this case you will be eligible to host a multiple of websites.