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About CloudLinux

CloudLinux virtualizes user accounts using a feature called LVE (LightWeight Virtual Environment). Each LVE is allotted a certain amount of resources (memory, CPU, etc.) which are separated from the server’s total resources. If a particular account receives a sudden increase in traffic or begins to use a lot of CPU or memory, rather than slowing the entire server and possibly causing a failure, only that particular LVE will slow down.

  • assign complete dedicated resources with the LVE Manager tool
  • Increase operating system security with SecureLinks
  • Increase account security with CageFS tool
  • multiple versions of PHP on the server with the PHP Selector tool
  • Low RAM cache by Mod_lsapi tool
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LVE Manager

LVE manager gives you full control over CPU, IO, memory, number of processes, and concurrent connections per user. Limit abusers, provide good customers with what they need and upsell at any time.

MySQL Governor

MySQL is one of the main causes of issues on a shared server. MySQL Governor monitors MySQL usage, and throttles abusers, preventing them from overloading the server and improving overall stability and performance.

Hardened PHP

In old PHP versions, including widely used 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4, vulnerabilities, even if discovered, are not patched by the community. HardenedPHP fixes those vulnerabilities and secures old and unsupported versions.

CloudLinux + (Plus) Feature

About Cloudlinux License

CloudLinux OS is a Linux distribution marketed to shared hosting providers. It is developed by software company CloudLinux, Inc. CloudLinux OS is based on the CentOS operating system; it uses the OpenVZ kernel and the rpm package manager.

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