Imunify360 License

Imunify Security is the best security solution for linux servers. Keep your servers safe and running and leave all anti-malware activities to Imunify360.

  • Easy to install
  • With installation guide
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Realtime update from official servers
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Up-to-date protection

Imunify Security team has a designated team of security experts (some of them are the veterans of security industry), who continuously identify risks, eliminate threats and ensure proactive protection. Forget about reactive security, become proactive now with Imunify360.

simplified results

Imunify360 offers not only user-friendly GUI, but also provides instrumental features to enhance your experience with Imunify360. Notification services, hooks, adviser, domain reputation check-ups, flexible CLI, fleet management, back-up integration - all come together with Imunify360


The WebShield component takes care of CDN and Proxy Traffic by determining the attackers’ real IP-addresses, then differentiates those IP addresses from those of legitimate users. Webshield grey-lists suspicious IPs then provides splash screens and CAPTCHA challenges that prevent malicious requests from harming or even slowing your system.

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