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Email 20
from $23 /year.
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • 20 Email Lists
  • 7GB Storage
  • Tremhost Spam Filter
  • Roundcube Webmail
  • Squirrel Webmail
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
We Recommend
from $50 /year.
  • 50 Email Addresses
  • 50 Email Lists
  • 20GB Storage
  • Tremhost Spam Filter
  • Roundcube Webmail
  • Squirrel Webmail
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 99.9% Uptime
Email 100
from $160 /year.
  • 100 Email Addresses
  • 100 Email Lists
  • 45GB Storage
  • Tremhost Spam Filter
  • Roundcube Webmail
  • Squirrel Webmail
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 99.9% Uptime


E-mail Accounts

When it comes to email, this tool is your first stop. Create new email accounts, modify passwords, set mailbox sizes, access webmail, configure email clients, and delete accounts.


Save time by routing multiple emails into one account. A customer can setup as many forwarders as they need to cut down on time checking different email accounts.


Access email from any computer at any time. As long as there is an internet connection, and access to a browser, users can easily view and reply to emails.

MX Entry Modification

This tool allows for a custom mail exchanger to be setup for a domain. From the MX control panel, emails can be used for routing or backing up the mail exchanger.

Auto Responders

These are especially useful when time away from a computer or internet access is expected. Like going on vacation. Auto responders can even be set with a custom reply message.

Account Level Filtering

Set filters to match specified rules against actions such as moving the email to a specific folder, disregard, redirect, and more! This saves time by having emails automatically routed to specified destinations

Create emails & calendars

Have the ability to stay connected with the powerful email and calendar capabilities baked into cPanel & WHM. With Cpanel and WHM, you can launch new email accounts, create shared calendars and enjoy various levels of spam protection.

Mail Delivery Route

This tool is helpful for troubleshooting issues. The control panel interface allows users to view the path that an email takes from a local server to a remote email address.

Import Addresses/Forwarders

Manually creating individual email accounts can be a hassle. cPanel's Import Address feature makes this a breeze. Email lists can be created in either CSV or XLS format and then uploaded. This makes future account modifications an easy task. Also, creating email forwarders can be done in the same manner

Manage domains

Tech-savvy site owners can have the power to manage their network of domains. Create aliases, add or remove subdomains, manage DNS zones and direct site visitors around any of your web properties.

Get company emails with Tremhost

With Tremhost Professional Email hosting, you can have a fully personalized email address that looks more professional. Having an email address that matches your business name will boost your brand and make it easier for your customers to remember. You can also create additional email addresses for different parts of your business (e.g.,

Get Professional Emails- quick and easy

With Tremhost Professional Email hosting, you can expand your business, reach more clients and distinguish yourself from competitors.

Connect to Tremhost

If you already have a domain, we'll help you connect it to Tremhost. Activate and manage your new email account from the Tremhost Control Panel. To make the setup process even easier, we have extensive articles and step-by-step guides in the Support Center. Access your email on your device through Tremhost Webmail, the Outlook Web App or client, or connect your mailbox to your smartphone's email client.

Start your professional journey

As a business, you want to communicate professionally. Our cloud-based email and office solutions not only offer this from wherever you are, but also spare you the costly maintenance of software. Find a domain that matches the name of your business and register it for after choosing your email package.