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Using the Plesk control panel, you can easily control and manage your host settings without the need for technical knowledge in this field. Among the control panels offered for Windows hosting, most of them are not stable and have a low degree of reliability, Plesk control panel with a strong and convenient interface with the help of Windows panels and its functional features, a new experience in this Provides context for its users. Due to its powerful extensions for server administrators and web developers, Plesk provides the right tools for both graphics and control and management.

  • Unlimited account creation
  • Automatic debugging
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Providing a ready-to-code environment in an intuitive interface for web professionals. Plesk help developers & designers to focus on developing web applications & web sites for SMBs that scale in the cloud.


By Plesk own research among web professionals, 9 of 10 web application developers only realize the need of securing an application when it's too late. Plesk secure your application and website automatically.


Focus on your business, not on infrastructure management. Save tremendous time by automating all server related tasks and components to run and scale your web application and websites.

The same Plesk license but lower price!

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