cPanel - Email Accounts You can create and manage email accounts of your domain through this interface. You can Create... cPanel - Logging into cPanel Dashboard In this chapter, we will learn to login into the cPanel Dashboard. For logging into the... cPanel - Changing Password When you are successfully logged into a cPanel Dashboard, first and foremost, change the password... cPanel - Email Forwarders You can create multiple email account in your cPanel email as per your need. When the number of... cPanel - Styles You can change cPanel’s look and feel using this interface. cPanel has two major interface styles... cPanel - Webmail Webmail is a web-based email client, which allows you to access your emails through any browser... cPanel - Autoresponders You can add or modify Autoresponders for your email accounts through this interface. You can... cPanel - Contact Information In this interface of cPanel, you are allowed to change the system email address. It is the email... cPanel - Home Once you are logged into cPanel dashboard, you will see that it has so many options. In this... cPanel - Statistics & Dashboard In this chapter, we will discuss about the cPanel statistics and the dashboard along with a few... cPanel - User Manager This is a new feature introduced in the latest edition of cPanel. Through this user manager... cPanel - File Manager cPanel File Manager gives you useful options to quickly manage your files within the cPanel... cPanel - Disk Usage cPanel Disk Usage is a very efficient way to monitor your accounts available and use disk spaces.... cPanel - FTP File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to manage your files with third party applications like... cPanel - FTP Sessions The cPanel FTP Session interface shows current users, which are logged in to website through FTP.... cPanel - Backup This feature of cPanel is very useful for your website. We can use backup feature for... cPanel - Backup Wizard You can use cPanel Backup Wizard to Backup and Restore your cPanel website step by step. cPanel... cPanel - MySQL Databases MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL Database management system. To manage a huge volume of... cPanel - MySQL Database Wizard MySQL Database Wizard is a step by step process to create a MySQL database and user and finally... cPanel - phpMyAdmin The phpMyAdmin is a third-party tool to manage tables and data inside a database. It is graphical... cPanel - Subdomains Subdomain is a domain, which is a part of a primary domain and exists in the same server. We can... cPanel - Addon Domain Addon Domains are addition domains hosted in your account, stored in subfolders. System treats... cPanel - Redirect The redirect interface allows you to send all the visitors or traffic of a Domain or a particular... cPanel - Softaculous Apps Installer Softaculous Apps Installer is an auto script installer, which installs the most popular PHP,...