Can you change my DNS for me? If you have purchased your domain name from us, yes we can do this for you upon request? If you... Do you host international domain names? We offer hosting for ALL international domain names. Any kind of domain name can be hosted on our... I have just change the nameservers to your servers, how long does it take my site to start working? It takes approximately 1-72 hours for your domain to propagate internet-wide, this is due to the... What is Add-on Domain? Addon Domains are domains that are pointed to subdomains. This means that you can host multiple... What is domain propagation? Domain propagation is the period of time, or delay, involved in sending your domain's address... What is Parked Domain? Parked domains are simply secondary domains that point to your primary domain. They will serve... What is Subdomain? Subdomains are a way of creating separate accounts within your master account, which are accessed... What is the difference between Add-on domain/Subdomain/Parked domain? You can create Add-on domains, subdomains and even Parked domains using cPanel. 1. Parked... What nameservers should I use? Please read your welcome e-mail as your nameservers details are included in your welcome email.... Who owns the domain name if I purchased it through you? The domain name is yours completely. If you decide to not use us as your web host, you can still... Why can't I create sub-domains? If your domain is not pointing to our nameservers or still in the process of being transferred,...