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Webmail is a web-based email client, which allows you to access your emails through any browser or any computer. This is very helpful when you do not have access to your computer on which your email is setup, you can login to your account from anywhere to read your emails and to quickly respond.

Opening Your Webmail

There are two options through which you can login to your webmail client.

Through cPanel Interface

Follow these steps to login to your webmail client −

Step 1 − Login to your cPanel and click on Email Accounts found under the Email section.

cPanel Interface

Step 2 − Scroll down to find list of Email Accounts.

cPanel Email Accounts

Step 3 − Click on More button at the corresponding email address of which you want to access webmail.

More Button

Step 4 − Click on Access Webmail and the system will automatically log you into the webmail in a new tab.


Step 5 − Choose any Webmail application. You can also set a default Webmail application, so whenever you log into your webmail, your default webmail application will automatically load.

Note − I have chosen horde to load webmail


Access webmail directly

To access webmail directly without logging into cPanel, you can use the following steps −

Step 1 − Navigate to https://your– or https://webmail.your– through your browsers address bar.

Step 2 − Webmail login screen will appear, Enter your Email and Password of your email account.

Webmail Login

Step 3 − Press Log in button to login into your web based email client, you will get same interface as we got above.

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