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Signs that you are wasting your life

  1. You are being so negative towards everything and everyone.
  2. You do not appreciate anything and anyone.
  3. You do not love yourself and keep on abusing yourself (with the use of drugs, alcohol, smoke, etc.) and therefore you cannot love anyone else in a healthy way. You are always abusive towards everyone, be it verbally or physically.
  4. You have no self respect and no self control, and therefore you do not respect anyone else and try to control everyone else around you, so it makes you feel better about yourself.
  5. You keep complaining about everything and everyone. Not a single positive word ever comes out of your mouth because there is not a single positive thing living inside of your heart.
  6. You criticize everyone and everything you see and hear because you think you’re the best.

The solutions are the complete opposite of what I wrote above:

  1. Be positive towards everything and everyone. Always see the light and think about what makes you happy, even if it’s the slightest thing: for example, tomorrow is Friday and after that I get to rest on the weekend and I don’t have to see the negative and toxic person for long – YAY! ~
  2. Always say thank you to everyone, especially ones around you, like your wife, children, husband, family, friends, colleagues, even the negative and toxic person. There is always something to be grateful for. Silver linings!
  3. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, get lots of rest and sleep, exercise for at least 30 minutes every day and stay away from that negative and toxic people who don’t make you feel good about yourself and anything in life. Cut off that connections right now! Don’t compromise on your health and well being. Health is the most valuable thing in the whole world.
  4. Meditate, pray and fast. Doing these help you control your minds, your emotions and overall you will eventually develop a healthier approach to everything. Not only will you be able to contain your emotions, you are also able to answer gracefully, act with manners and most importantly, be wise with your actions, words and the people you trust. It will be like having a seventh sense.
  5. Forget about people who bring you down. There is a reason why they should never be in your life and don’t even waste your energy talking or thinking about them. Not worth a second of your time. Keep on thinking about the people you love who love you and how they are the people who are important and the only people who matter in life. Fill yourself with love and positive things.
  6. Always remember that above the sky, there is another sky. Never belittle anyone, no matter how small their positions are. Every human being deserves the rights to feel respected and treat people like how you want to be treated by them. There is always something you can learn from anyone. Never look down on people, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE IN A HIGHER POSITION IN LIFE. This is very important and let me tell you a real life story: My dad used to run motorbike shops and he used to treat his staff as if they were his own family. He’d give them daily allowances and shared good food whenever possible, including to the beggar who used to sit in front of our shop and the parking maintenance guy. Then comes 1998, all the Chinese, Catholic, Christian Indonesians were suddenly targeted. Those who fall under these criteria were killed, raped, burned and tormented. The native Indonesians mass came to the front of our shop ready to burn the shop down and loot any valuable they can find at the time. All of my dad’s staff, the beggar and the parking guy are Native Indonesians and they stopped and lied to the crowd saying, “No no no no!!!! This shop is owned by a native muslim Indonesian!!!! Don’t touch it.” And that’s how our shop was saved.
  7. You cannot choose to be born rich or poor, but you can ALWAYS choose to be kind. It doesn’t cost anyone anything to be kind. What goes around comes around!

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