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My Life As a Single Mom: Abridged

Image Source: Pexels For some of us, life as a single parent is completely new. We don’t know what we’re going to do or where we’re going to live. It can be difficult to adjust to being your own boss and taking care of yourself – especially when you have kids!Right around this time last year, I was in the process of figuring out how I wanted to spend my life. I was ready to make some changes, start a new chapter in my life, and find solace in my true identity. This past February, my baby girl joined me […]

How To Deal With Negative Influences

If you were to evaluate the major influences in your life that have shaped the kind of person you are, this has to be high on the list: the people and thoughts you choose to allow into your life. Mr. Shoaff, once remarked, “Never underestimate the power of influence.” Indeed, the influence of those around us is so powerful! Many times we don’t even realize we’re being strongly affected because influences generally develop over an extended period of time. Peer pressure is an especially powerful force because it is so subtle. If you’re around people who spend all they make, […]

What Men Want in a Woman

Being a single woman can be very difficult. There is not enough understanding of what men want in a woman to help navigate through the different dating situations. There are three major candidates with which most men have in mind when they are looking for a woman: a) a woman with whom they would consider establishing a serious long term relationship; b) a woman they are attracted to but feel not “attractive” enough to date; or c) a woman who merely fills their mental list of physical attributes. And though attractiveness is a complex subject, I will attempt togive sometookeduce […]

Who Should Work on the Relationship?

Dating advice for women to follow When you work at a job, you are paid for your work. When you date around, you don’t get paid. Does this mean you can date around and not get special treatment? Well, the answer is no. Nuh-uh. Not a newspaper, not a magazine, not even The Oprah show. If you date around and someone works for the company, you still have to show your colleagues that you are specialized. You can only do that if you work for the company. When a man has a task given to him, either as a task […]

Give a gift when you are apologizing


Words are important when one is apologizing.But sometimes apologizing with only words may not be enough or may not show the effort of the one apologizing.That is why at times it is necessary to use gifts. Every relationship is bound to have complications now and then. So one must have an idea on the kind of gift he or she is going to give along with the apology.There are sweet gifts shop to help us with that.On offer there will be gifts for her, gifts for mom and nifty stuff among others.And the workers there can help us to pick […]

Sweet Gifts


Giving gifts in any type if relationship is like the salt of food.Without it,it will be blunt and we would not enjoy eating such food.However, when it comes to gifts, it has to be the right and correct type of gift to make us enjoy the relationship.That is where Sweet Gifts South Africa comes handy, to provide you with the sweetest gift you can give. Sweet gifts South Africa specializes in the provision of mugs and t-shirts.At Sweet Gifts SA, we provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our client’s satisfaction matters a lot to us. Visit our website.The […]