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Top 5 Content Creators in Zimbabwe


There was a time when tv stations dominated the entertainment arena. We all had to sit as a family and stare at a box, we had no choice on what to watch and when; we just had to watch whatever the tv station forced on us. Thanks to the internet boom and introduction of services like Youtube, Netflix, Apple tv, Amazon Prime and yeah Tiktok- we now have choices. We are nolonger forced to watch things we don’t need anymore, now we watch what we want and when we want it. These platforms also gave power to content creators who would have struggled to make it in the old order. Content creators world wide are making a living from their work with some Youtube creators making millions. In Zim, we do have talented creators and here is a list of creators we think are the best in what they do.

We considered:

  1. reach & influence
  2. consistency
  3. quality of content produced

Here it is:

1.Comic Pastor

Making his debut in 2014, Comic has had a good runway thanks to his family friendly content with relatable humor and consistency. He has recently passed the 100k subs mark and there seem to be no stopping as he continues to show his creativity and determination to reach a wide audience. Comic is generally becoming a household name with his humor earning him MC roles on various weddings. We only have to imagine how far he will go, hopefully he will reach 1 million subs soon.

2. Naiza Boom

Naiza boom has relatively more subs than Comic but when it comes to influence, Comic relatively has more influence which earns Comic the first spot. We have to give a fist bump to Naiza Boom though, they just release content consistently. They are just remarkable. Some content being short skirts and others being series you can enjoy, its clear that Naiza Boom has in a way created a channel anyone can enjoy 24/7.

3. Nigel The Slick Pastor

The guy is talented and Comic Pastor would have been less popular without Nigel. Nigel and Comic need each other, we cant imagine one of them going far without the other. Speaking of Nigel, his strength, based on our observations, lies in his authenticity. His reactions and facial impressions are relatable which makes the audience have an attachment to the character. We do not doubt that Nigel will continue to make huge strides and he might eventually be the best content creator country wide. We hope his collabs with Comic will continue.

4. Crazy Creative Minds Studios

The creators of PaGhetto have done a remarkable job in creating animations without any form of outside¬† investment, something local animators didn’t think was possible. We have to mention that this show contains strong language and may not be suitable for viewers younger than 16. With that out of the way, many youths love this show as they can relate to the storyline(s). We speculate that the majority of viewers are youths as that is the main target audience of the show.

5. Bustop Tv

The trio is insanely funny even though most of the skirts take jabs of fellow citizens. In a sense, these guys make fun of things we are afraid to say ourselves. We wish they would make long form content rather than short skirts in the future as most people now have the time and resources (data) to chill and indulge in more content. What’s remarkable about these guys is that they are not afraid to say anything- something most people admire since most do not have have that kind of courage.

Here you go guys, these are the top 5 content creators according to us. If you have a different opinion please comment down below.


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