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Life has a formula and it’s simple


The truth is life has a formula no matter how many people say otherwise. It is worth mentioning that as long as a being has freedom then this formula applies. The limitation of the formula is that is doesnt work at all if freedom of choice is taken away and we have to keep in mind that many external factors can affect life. These factors are:

  1. political climate
  2. environmental climate

The rest of the factors are up to a persons limiting beliefs.

It is true that political and environmental climate can have a net positive/negative impact on a person or society and most of the time people have little control over these factors. In that case, the formula becomes less effective but it doesnt become irrelevant.

Generally, life is the decisions you make multiplied by the actions you take or do not take.

For example, if you make a decision to save $1 per day then actually follow through then your life is going to become better or worse based on that decision and the accompanying action. A closer look will tell you that the formula above is not complete because the decision and action you took is accompanied by consequences whether good or bad. So with the formula we already have:

Life is (decisions x actions) multiplied by consequences.

What that means is that your life is a collection of decisions and actions you took and the consequences that accompanied them. When you think about it, most of us are where we are because of a decision and action we took; the outcome of those two is what makes us be where we are now. The outcome is the consequence.

The formula above is almost complete, just not quite. Looking at that formula from a three dimensional perspective we can say that it’s complete but… but in all things there is a forth dimension which is: Time. We have to update our formula to take into account the forth dimension which is Time. Our formula will then look like this:

Life= decisions x actions x consequences x time

Your life right now is just a collections of choices your made (decisions) by actions you took and the consequences of those actions by time.

Consider this illustration: suppose 6 months ago you made a decision to run just 1km per day you followed through and actually ran 1km per day over the last 6months then the consequence is that you are going to be fit and when that is compounded over time (6 months) then you are going to be fitter and fitter hence you have changed your life!

In a similar sense, your life might be affected because of that decision and action to run 1km per day. Why? If you are running 1km per day the that means you have replaced something you were supposed to be doing like maybe reading. So in other words, your life is affected by your decision to run instead of read.

What I mean is: every single choice and every single action you take can affect your life now or over time. No question about it. Look at your life, that decision you made to break up with Tinashe might be the reason you are happy or your life is so messed up or that small choice you made to refuse a date with Tawanda is the reason you are at this point in your life.

Your own very existence follows the formula above. Why? Because on a certain date, your father decided (made a decision) to approach your mother and he actually did (took action). If he hadnt made the choice and took the action then you wouldnt have been born! It’s that simple! The conditions for your birth are very, very, very unique that if your parents decided to have sex a minute earlier or a minute later you wouldnt have been born!

Mind bending huh?

You, you reading this, you are a consequence of a decision and an action done by someone or people years ago (time).

This formula is working for you or against you. That decision you made to not dm that girl you like has an indirect effect on your life. That boy you turned down, the decision has an effect. Every decision and action you make or do not make has a consequence now or overtime. Eating pizza is a decision, not eating pizza is also a decision. Both will affect your life. So you have to be careful about your decisions.

When you make a decision and you still decide to not take action then in a sense you took action because not taking action is in itself a form of action. Huh? Well, if you decide not to go on instagram today then you took action to not go on instagram. Which means you are not doing something else.

The law of conservation of energy states that: energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. The energy you where supposed to use in a twitter war is used for something else when you decide not to go on twitter hence altering your life completely.

I could write a book about this but it will all boil down to this: the decisions you make and the accompanying actions will produce consequences whether good or bad. If the consequences dont appear now, then time will be the aspect that will show you how you have been doing.


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