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31 Dark Lessons Life Teaches You With Age

  1. Never seek happiness from other people. You will never be happy in life if you do, knowing the fact that you are your own master and you hold your own happiness.
  2. Never depend into people for anything, you will always be let down.
  3. Never hold your expectations high for anything, just be yourself and live for the moment being constantly who you are, because when we expect the most we always get let down.
  4. Never escape problems always try to face them and solve them, because if you do the problems get bigger and they will drain you out of your energy.
  5. Never allow people to dictate how you feel about yourself or to dictate your happiness in general.
  6. Never get affected by peoples thoughts, what they think of you, how they view you and what they are saying, what you think of yourself that’s what matters and how you view yourself.
  7. Always push yourself out of your comfort zone or at least try on daily basis to achieve success in life.
  8. Always fight for what you believe in and chase your dreams’’If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough’’.
  9. Always fight for what you believe in even if it means to stand against the people , remember you were born to stand out not to fit in, every individual is unique on it’s own, so do not afraid to stand out from the people.
  10. Learn to enjoy your own company only then you are going to be happy. Meaning life your life to the fullest and be proud with what you possess and who you are, this will make you attract the whole people around.
  11. Learn to love yourself, respect yourself, appreciate yourself, value yourself and take a good care of yourself, so you can reflect back with those things to the people.
  12. Never trust too early, never allow anyone to surpass your boundaries if they do learn to walk away.
  13. Never waste your time and energy to negative-toxic people there will always be someone on the line that is going to judge you so live for yourself and distance yourself from those individuals they will leave you drained out of energy and time, surround yourself with the positive, with the people that share your mindset, your world, your emotions and ideas.
  14. You don’t need to prove, you need to be. Never try proving yourself to anyone knowing the fact that you do not owe anything to anyone especially to the people that hold no value in you, the moment you feel that you need to prove your worth to someone is the moment that you should utterly walk away without wasting time and energy.
  15. Do not go on wasting your time and energy in life, you will need them later on, knowing the fact that every movement requires time and energy.
  16. Know that on your journey to a dream or your path you are going to lose lots of people, be ready for it, time will reveal peoples faces and you are going to be surprised with how much you have lost in the process especially if you are successful, do not allow that to take you out of your path or your dream, because if you are losing people that shows that you stood up for what you believed and you are still following that path and chasing that dream, the people that will fade know that they were never in there to begin with, only the true people that really loved you will stand on your side on your darkest and sweetest days those are the people that really care about you, the rest who fade are just history, even the people that you thought they were in there or you trusted them so much, that’s why time reveals everything.
  17. Do not go around Empathizing with every individual, be smart with your Empathy, share your Empathy with the right people, they will use that against you and hurt you badly, that’s the hard truth that i learned late in life.
  18. Be positive only then you are going to live a happy life, always wake up even if you are feeling bad, show up and start your day with a smile on your face, no matter what happens, you are responsible for your happiness do not allow people to dictate your moods.
  19. Grow everyday from life experiences as a human being, view every negative experience as a growing lesson, those experiences happen for a reason to grow your mind and to teach you a lesson, do not afraid them, be grateful that they happened because you are losing nothing on the process while you are earning everything, most importantly you are growing unlimited on daily basis and learning self control.
  20. When people provoke you it’s a positive thing, do not react, this is a test that life has thrown to you with this test you are basically going to know how mentally strong you are and how much in control you are with yourself, when those experiences happen over and over again you get stronger and more in control of yourself, the people that provoke you are wasting their time while you are earning lots on the process.
  21. Never allow your past to dictate your present or future. Live for the moment and make the best out of it.
  22. Never view people as all the same simply Black and White, everyone is different and everyone should be treated differently according to their character, if someone has hurt you in the past that does not mean that you should hurt another human being believing that everyone else will be bad.
  23. Never judge another individual. Never try to bring another individual down rather cheer them up.
  24. Never take life too seriously, you will be left drained, joke around and play around.
  25. Never go around trying to fix people especially if you are on an active relationship so they can love you, this is pure Co-Dependency and you are going to end up hurt.
  26. Know the fact that love will find you whenever you are already happy, because you are going to reflect to the people more attractive if you are simply being yourself, having a blast and being all confident on your own skin with your own company and caring less.
  27. Never beg, plead or cling for the people to stay with you especially in relationships, the door is open if it is meant to happen it will happen, if not the door is open they can leave, the right people in the right moment will enter your life and never leave, while the wrong people will leave.
  28. Never go around searching for Love desperately this will make you less attractive, because you are desperate and you are going to appear desperate.
  29. Life will force you to walk away from the people that you thought they were the right people for you, it will take you serious guts to walk away, it’s easier to stay then to walk especially from those types of individuals that you really love and care or you thought they were different while they were not, know the fact that you can’t really go against your destiny neither change it, so eventually you will have to learn the hard truth of walking away sometimes which will be the hardest thing for you.
  30. Know one thing in life’’God will give you the people that you need and deserve, not the ones that you want’’.
  31. Work smart in life rather then hard. Everything in life requires being smarter, so use your mind rather then wasting your body.
  32. Always forgive the people that have hurt you however never forget what they did to you. Why do you need to forgive them?So you can simply shift your valued time and energy from those people to someone new who deserves it so you won’t have anything to do with them anymore. Forgiving shows maturity and growth however you are going to never forget, you need to show those people that there should be a difference between you and them. Just take it this way if you get a clean paper and you write something in it then you erase the things with a rubber, will the page ever be as clean as it was?Nope because there will always be some rubber left in the paper.
  33. Know that the only Unconditional Love and Care that you are going to ever receive is from your parents, no body else will give you those things, so stop searching for those things from other people.
  34. Do not overthink before doing anything, because they chances are you will never get the thing done, just think less act more, go out there show up and stop overthinking, because you are going to got trapped on those thoughts forever.
  35. Learn to fight your own battles in life, do not expect people to fight them for you, everyone has a battle going on you will be severely dissapointed.
  36. Learn to pick yourself up when life brings you down to your knees, do not expect people to pick you up because no one will do that for you. Why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves up.
  37. Whenever you do something good you should do it without expecting anything in return because if you do expect something in return you will be diassapointed.

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