What are the advantages of wind and solar power over nuclear power?

Wind and solar power have several advantages over nuclear power, including: 1. Lower Environmental Impact: Wind and solar power generate electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions, toxic waste, or air pollution. In contrast, nuclear power plants produce radioactive waste that requires careful disposal and pose the risk of nuclear accidents that can have severe environmental and health consequences. 2. Lower Cost: The costs of wind and solar power have decreased significantly in recent years, making them increasingly cost-competitive with conventional sources of electricity. In contrast, the high capital costs associated with nuclear power make it more expensive compared to other […]

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is a form of energy that is generated by the process of nuclear fission, which involves splitting the nucleus of an atom to release energy. This energy is then used to generate electricity through a process that involves heating water to produce steam, which drives a turbine to generate electricity. Nuclear power plants are typically large facilities that require significant capital investment and specialized expertise to design, build, and operate. They can provide reliable and low-carbon electricity, which makes them an attractive option for countries seeking to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to a cleaner energy future. […]

How can governments ensure that sustainable development is prioritised?

Governments can ensure that sustainable development is prioritized by taking the following actions: 1. Setting clear sustainability goals and targets: Governments can set clear goals and targets for sustainable development, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable energy, and protecting natural resources. These goals can provide a clear direction for policy development and help to ensure that sustainability is prioritized. 2. Implementing regulations and policies that promote sustainable development: Governments can implement regulations and policies that promote sustainable development, such as environmental regulations, incentives for renewable energy, and sustainable land use policies. These policies can help to create a […]

7 Tips for Travelling to and in Zimbabwe for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, but it can also be a time for travel. Whether you’re visiting loved ones in another country or exploring the world on your own, there are plenty of things to consider when travelling during the holiday season—especially if you’ve never been to Zimbabwe before. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything from packing tips and pre-travel preparations all the way up through what to do once you arrive at your destination. Bring the right wardrobe. The weather in Zimbabwe is unpredictable. The highland areas […]

A clock

Two And A Half Minutes to Doomsday


The years since World War 2 have been dubbed by some as the Great Acceleration. In a single lifetime, people have seen remarkable transformations in transport, communication and other technologies which have brought unprecedented economic changes. Many now enjoy a standard of living they at some point thought impossible. At the same time the earth’s population has nearly tripled. However, these advances come with a great cost to our beloved home; the Earth. The year 2017 started with a dismal proclamation by the scientific community. In January, a group of scientists declared that the world was getting ever close to […]