How long does it usually take to transfer a website?

The time it takes to transfer a website can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the website, the complexity of the website’s configuration, the speed of the internet connection, and the method of transfer. Here are some general guidelines: 1. Small websites with basic configurations and few files can be transferred relatively quickly, often in a matter of hours. 2. Larger websites with more complex configurations, databases, and media files may take several hours or even days to transfer, depending on the amount of data that needs to be moved. 3. The method of transfer can […]


How Content Creators Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Introduction If you’re looking to make money with affiliate marketing, but don’t know where to start, this article is for you. We’ll show you how to find a platform that will allow you to earn commissions without having any technical knowledge of programming or web development. And if that doesn’t sound exciting enough, we’ll also discuss how content creators can take advantage of these programs by creating their own stores using a tool like Shopify’s Magento Marketplace StoreBuilder. 1. Find a Platform Find a Platform This is where you’ll be able to find affiliate programs that are relevant to your […]

The Story of Mr Beast: Everything You need to know

Introduction Jimmy Donaldson was born in Greenville, North Carolina on May 7, 1998. He had a happy childhood with his parents and siblings. When he was 10-years-old, he asked Santa for $10K to start a business. He didn’t get that money, but instead got two goats as a gift from Santa. Though it wasn’t what he wanted, it sparked his entrepreneurial spirit and taught him the value of hard work. Life was looking up for Jimmy at this point. He was living in an apartment with his best friend Chris and together they were a strong creative force.” Jimmy Donaldson […]

What Happens in 2023?

Introduction The year 2023 is approaching fast, and if you don’t know what’s happening in the world by then, you might be in for a shock. You might think that humans have gotten smarter about predicting the future over the last century, but actually we’ve gotten worse! In this article I’ll examine some of the major trends that will shape our lives over the next decade so you can get ready for them—or maybe even change them yourself! The economy will slow down The economy is going to slow down in 2023. You won’t see it at first, but as […]

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Boldly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before

Introduction Space exploration is a lot like the internet in that it’s always growing, but also like the internet in that we don’t really know how to measure its growth. Big leaps are made every day by companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. The next 7 years could see some huge changes in how humans explore space (and beyond), from putting boots on asteroids to sending an astronaut to Mars. Space tourism Space tourism is the concept of spaceflight designed for the purpose of leisure travel. It could be an important part […]

How To Spend Your Holiday in Zimbabwe – A Travel Guide

Image Source: FreeImages Once you get past the ‘haunted house’ feeling, Zimbabwe is an amazing place. It’s a small, but beautiful country with a rich culture and a great opportunity for travel. Here are some tips to help you spend your holiday in Zimbabwe: Stay in reasonable accommodation During your holiday, you’ll probably want to stay in either affordable or high-quality hotels. If you’re staying in a hotel, try to make the room size and basic needs of your family crystal clear in your mind. Make sure you have all the basics you need for a long holiday. You may […]

Short Case Study: Naiza Boom Secret Sauce For Growth

If you are from Zimbabwe or you are outside Zimbabwe and you have: access to Youtube you understand Shona Then you probably watched at least an episode from Naiza Boom. If you haven’t then Naiza Boom still had this article written about them.This is not just an article, it is an in-depth case study that was done in-house by Tremhost Marketing to figure out what makes Naiza Boom tick. Tremhost decided to publish the case study to help marketers, content creators and anyone who wants to learn principles for growth in the internet age. We did the hard work for […]

Things you learn as you get older

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned key lessons in life that I wanted to share with you. I hope this helps you live the best life possible. Here are the top 8: Find your spark – A few times in life you will find your spark. It could be that art class you took in Italy. It could be the startup that you work late into the night for. It could be that best friend of yours that inspires you to start a motivational website. When you find that spark, hold on to it. Nurture it. It will propel you […]


How You Are Wasting Thousands Unaware


Everyone wishes they had more time on their hands. Once lost, it can never be found again and there is no way one can purchase time. As they say; time is money. But many people cannot manage time wisely. So how can we make sure we are not wasting time and money? Below are some suggestions that can help. Be Organized Prioritize Know the most important things in your life. Prepare a to – do list outlining these important and urgent things you need to do. The list does not have to be very detailed. Write them in the order […]