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6-Ways To Live A Stress Free Life

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A stress free life.

Stress is described as a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can also be described as your body’s reaction to a certain challenge or even demand. Some of the causes of stress include emotions, anxiety, grief or even other traumatic events such as accidents,  rape or an act of violence against you.

Stress can also cause some problems and in some cases it can lead to death. Some of the physical problems it can cause include headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain and lack of sleep.

Stress also has other emotional problems and some of the problems include depression, panic attacks and other forms of anxiety and worry.

In some cases, stress has caused other victims to commit suicide and in other cases, most people have suffered from mental illnesses.

How then can we reduce the amount of stress and get to live a stress free life.

This article will give you six easy ways to live a life without stress.


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One way in which stress can be reduced is through exercise. And exercise could be through taking regular walks, running and even carrying out other activities that include movement of the body such as swimming etc.

Exercising can have many benefits and some of the benefits include reduced levels of body stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.

Another way it can help could be through reducing depression and improving the cognitive function.

Physical activity can also result in your body creating endorphins and these are natural chemicals in the body that act as natural pain killers hereby resulting in improved ability to sleep.

Spent time with Friends and Family

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Staying alone all the time can be harmful and in some cases it can even trigger unnecessary thoughts that can boost someone’s stress. and through this we can clearly see that one way to reduce stress could be through spending time with friends and family.

One advantage of this is that spending time with friends and family is a way that could boost your happiness and also reduce stress. Other secondary benefits of connecting with people could include improved self confidence and self worth, helping you cope with different traumatic events that might have taken place in the past.

Connecting with different people can also help you have an improved social interaction with different people and can also help you substantially through the provision of strong support networks.

Go out more often and find peace.

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Studies have proved that going out more often lowers the levels of cortisol and this is a hormone that is a marker for stress.

It can also help your body through boosting the immune system hereby helping you battle effects of stress like depression.

Worry less and keep calm.

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Excessive worrying can cause excessive thoughts and this could trigger unnecessary pressure on the body.

There is a saying that says you can’t change what’s going on or what’s going to happen but, you can change your thoughts or perception on the things that have happened. One way this could be done is through looking at the good side of everything and focusing on the good things. This can motivate you to take action and will also help you create a better appreciation for the positive experiences in your life, hereby reducing feelings of anger and emotion.

Be Satisfied with what you have.

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Don’t put pressure on yourself

Being satisfied is described as being pleased or content with what has been received or experienced and through being satisfied you are guaranteed of having less stress.

Some advantages of being satisfied or content could include peace of minds which will hereby assist in growth and self improvement.

Other benefits could also include happiness which will help you combat stress more effectively.

Eat Healthy

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healthy food means a healthy life leading to a stress free life.

Eating healthy is described as following a healthy routine or eating pattern that includes nutritional foods and drinks.

Through eating healthy, your body is provided with the necessary energy that is needed to help you cope with stressful events, hereby regulating the stress levels.


From this article, we have seen the benefits of carrying out certain activities in order to reduce stress and some of the ways we have seen include physical exercise which can help you through improving your mood and  distracting you from worries and tension.

As statistics say, stress is among America’s 5 main causes of death and stats also say 5 million deaths are attributed from stress related issues worldwide each year and this shows how much we need to pay attention to the things that help reduce stress in order for each one of us to live a stress free life.