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Whatsapp and WiFi bundle:Econet vs Telecel vs Netone (September 2020)

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We all need connectivity and to stay in touch with our friends and family, knowing what is happening with them and we need to do this in the cheapest most effective way possible Our service providers are always there to provide us with the best service they can offer. However, there is always the best among our best in terms of pricing and efficiency. One that we would all love to choose among the services at our disposal and one that will give us value for our money. This analysis is here to help us decide on the best and most effective internet service provider to use during this month of September.

As at 01 September 2020, whats-app bundles for our services providers stand at the following rates:

[wptb id=1131]

From the information given above, it quite clear that the cheapest or the most affordable service provider for the monthly whats app bundle is Telecel as it offers the cheapest monthly bundle packages both in price per MB and total price for the whole month.

Our service providers also offer amazing private WiFi bundles to their customers also at very affordable prices. Our analysis however also puts Telecel as the cheapest and most affordable service provider in the country although efficiency wise, Econet is ranked best among the three.

The home WiFi packages as at 01 September stand at the following.

[wptb id=1132]

image showing global connectivity

So, overally it is very clear that for this months of September the leading or the most affordable service provider is Telecel, although effective wise, Econet is the best.


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