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Whatsapp and WiFi bundles (Telecel vs Econet vs Netone: October 2020)


Whatsapp bundles (October 2020)

One of my best social media platforms is whatsapp, i know to those of us who are less social, its a no no for you but believe me I’d just die without it. I mean the way you can easily connect with other people and the amount of privacy it offers is just wow, well, wow until i think of having to buy bundles every month. That just takes the joy out of it all and with the way tariffs are rising every month, i might just have to sacrifice a meal or two to stay on app.

Wait, before we get into sacrificing meals and stuff let’s first see if the tariffs are now that high, you never know we might still find one affordable service provider for October.

[wptb id=1364]

I think we are in luck this month. Netone is doing us good. I must say i did not expect it to be cheaper than Telecel but judging from price per bundle they are in the lead and the best part is their network service is awesome, better than the other two actually.

WiFi bundles (October 2020)

Now for my personal favorite, WiFi. The good thing about WIFI is that instead of saving $150 for whatsapp data, and another $150 for IG etc you just buy it all in one. But of course we have to see which one is best this October, so let’s take a look:

[wptb id=1365]

It seems Telecel has taken the trophy this time around with the most affordable WiFi bundles this October ranging from $600 to $3500 for the entire month as compared to their counterparts.


This time around Telecel has lost the battle to Netone in regards to their whatsapp packages but it has managed to stay ahead on the WiFi bundle. From last month Telecel tariffs have slightly increased and gone above Netone but they have managed to remain a bit lower than Econet which together with Netone have maintained last month’s tariffs . So for October, I would recommend Netone for affordable whatsapp tariffs and Telecel for affordable WiFi tariffs this October but overally for both speed and affordability choose Netone.

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