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Data bundles: Econet vs Telecel vs Netone (September 2020)

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One of the most stressing issue for internet users is which service provider to use based on relative cheapness and speed among other reasons. Its more tasking because we usually don’t have enough information concerning these providers s often times we end up choosing a provider that will not meet our needs or make our browsing interesting.Well here i have a few tips that might just help us choose the bets service provider for the month of September.

So firstly to those of us who would want to buy monthly data for any of the three mentioned service providers, here are some facts to consider. For Netone, monthly data prices range from $150 to $2500 per month offering 200MB to 8GB data for those prices. Now to break it down further, the individual monthly packages offered by Netone include $150/200MB, $300/450MB, $800/1,5GB, $1400/3,5GB, $2000/5GB and $2500/8GB. These values broken down to unit price per 1MB or GB would then range at $0,75/MB, $0,67/MB, $533/GB, $400/GB and $312,50/GB. So this sums up the rough analysis of the Netone monthly data bundle package. So for Netone users, it is quite easier to buy the $300 bundle package or the $2500 bundle package considering cost price per 1 MB or 1GB because it relatively cheaper than the other three packages whose cost price per 1MB/GB.

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Moving on to Econet, one of the most widely used service provider in the country. Well the packages for this service provider are as follows as per 01 September 2020, $67/100MB $180/270MB,$320/500MB, $424/700MB, $800/1,4GB. Breaking these figures down to cost per 1MB/GB  would then give us these range of values: $0,67/1MB, $0.67/1MB, $0.64/1MB, $0.61/1MB and $571/1GB. Looking at these figures it is clear that the range of values for their monthly package has a very small difference so it can be quite difficult to choose which package to use for Econet. However, looking closely at these figures we can notice that even that small difference counts thus we can actually opt for $424/700MB data package given the cost per 1MB analysis shown above as it is clear that this is actually the cheapest package on offer.

Finally let us look at the analysis on Telecel as a service provider. Its data packages as at 01 September 2020 stand as follows: $100/220MB, $200/600MB, $285/960MB, $350/1,76GB, $650/3,6GB and $750/4,5GB. Breaking these figures down to cost per 1MB/GB, one would get the following figures respectively: $0,45/MB; $0,33/MB; $0,30/MB; $198,86/GB; $180,56/GB and $166,67/GB. Judging with the given figures from analysis done it is also clear that like all other service providers the package that appears to be the cheapest is actually the most expensive if one considers cost per MB/GB thus here also the cheapest would be the $285/960MB data package.

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The above analysis has shown that for most of our data packages the one that appears to be the cheapest is actually the most expensive, so this analysis would actually recommend we use the packages that are either at the far end or in the middle. Now for a comparison of the three service providers, in terms of cost price, I would recommend that users use Telecel as it is actually the cheapest service provider of the three used in this research. However in terms of speed and efficiency comparing between Econet and Netone i would recommend Econet as its speed ranges at 9mb/sec as compared to 2mb/sec for Netone.

Therefore for cheap access to internet this month of September, Telecel is the best recommended service provider and for quick efficient use of internet, Econet is the way to go.

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