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Microsoft surface duo: A must have this September

microsoft duo surface

foldable duo screen

Imagine how tiresome it is to be having your laptop, smartphone etc on you each morning as you go to work or school simply because you can’t do all your work on one device. Well, Microsoft has come to fix that problem for you with its all new Microsoft surface duo.This device  features two 5.6-inch screens calibrated together for colour and luminance. It rotates on a bespoke 360-degree hinge so that it works as an 8.1-inch tablet with a 3:2 aspect ratio. Separately, the displays have a 4:3 aspect ratio. So i can use it as a tablet, a single screen device like my phone or flip it into a mini laptop with a virtual keyboard on the bottom or use the screens side by side, all at my disposal and it comes with a surface pen for user convenience. That’s just so amazing. So now there is no need to carry a laptop as well as a smart phone everyday to and from work and school, we can have all these in one easy to carry device.

Microsoft duo screen

Due to its duo screen feature, this device allows one to be able to open and use two different apps at the same time for instance i could be using my Whatsapp at the same time opening my Facebook on the other screen so i get to see whats happening in both apps at the same time. We have all been waiting for such a cool innovation that allows us to multitask on our devices. It gets so boring at times to have to wait to close one app so that you are able to access another one but now Microsoft has made accessing these apps a lot more fun and easy.

I can also use both screens for one app, say reading my novel, i can just drag it to the middle of the two screens and drop it there and it automatically fills both pages with my novel or any other app. And it allows me to flip pages on my device while reading instead of scrolling up and down and side ways, thus actually making my online reading experience feel like I’m actually holding the novel. That just makes it super exciting for me because i prefer feeling the novel in my hand and flipping the page and i  can do all that now on my duo device. I can also flip it into a tent and watch movies and cool videos without having to strain my hand by holding the device while I’m at. Awesome right!

This new Microsoft device is totally a must have for all who love Microsoft as well as Android because it has combined both these features into one potable device . All android apps as well as Microsoft features are available and this just makes it unique. So there are a lot more exciting apps and features to look forward to in this new “phone” besides the ones I’ve actually singled out  So my advice, let’s preorder now or as soon as it is released for just $1 399, you can’t afford to miss this one!

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