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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Buy Now

A fold phone
Fold phone

fold phone

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold produced by the Samsung electronics for its Samsung Galaxy Z series was announced on August 5 2020.Its date for release is set to be on September 18 2020.Pre-orders can now already be done online.It exceeds the Samsung Galaxy fold in some ways.This new Galaxy Z fold can fold like a book and it can stand on its own.It is a phone when folded but becomes a 71/2 inch tablet when unfolded.

Likes For The Galaxy Z Fold

  • Flex mode adds versatility: Thanks to the cam mechanism in the hinge, you can open the display at various angles. Flex mode is there to take advantage of that. For example, in the camera app, you’ll see the live previous up top and controls down below. See more.
  • Multi- tasking made easier: With this new Galaxy Z Fold it is pretty easy to create app pairs. You can view two app on the two screens enabling you to do more work at the same time.You are also able to drag and drop content from one window to another.
  • Bigger screen: When you buy, you are buying a phone that can transform into a tablet.When you want to use it as a phone, you use one screen, when you want to watch movies or play video games you can use the two screens for better viewing and enjoyment.

Dislikes for The Galaxy Z Fold

  • It is a bit thick:Compared to the original Galaxy Fold,this new one is a bit thick.You are likely to feel a strain after typing for some time.You are also likely  to need a strong enlarged pocket for it.But on another hand you are getting a phone plus a tablet in one.
  • It has a no water prove guarantee: When ever it looks like its going to rain you will have to make sure you are indoors or make sure you have a water proof bag for your phone.If you do not have, always make sure you have a small plastic bag with you wherever you are.That is a bit inconvenient to do all the time.
  • It smudges easily: Even if the screen is improved better than the original Samsung Fold, it easily smudges and the smears will be visible.That will make it look old when its still new.

The price

A dollar sign picture

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is going for nearly two thousand United State dollars with the real price at $1 999.This price is a bit high for most people.Even if you are getting a two in one, its still very expensive.The company had to think that some of its users are from low economic backgrounds.This price therefore shows that this new Fold phone is not for them but for the more for the elite groups.

My Overall Comment

Personally i would recommend a person to have this phone.If you have a pocket that can spare $2000 for a phone,this phone is a must have.You will definitely feel good and superior among others.I am definitely gonna buy one for myself! when I am able to save and spare that much just for a phone.

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