Month: October 2020

Smiling emoji

The Power Of A Smile

What Is A Smile? A smile is a universal welcome remark says a man named Max Eastman. Scientifically a smile is a facial expression formed by flexing muscles at the sides of the mouth and usually the front teeth are exposed. Some smiles that might include the contraction of muscles around the eyes include an action known as Duchenne. Throughout the world, smiling is a form of communication between people. Smiling is also known to have the most positive emotional content. A smile shows how a person feels about a particular something. It is said that a smile is contagious […]

It’s Human if it Breaks.

Imagine you are walking in a very beautiful flower garden,with that flower that you love so much planted everywhere and you just seem to want to remain in that garden forever. It is you who planted, nursed, watered and tended to these flowers right until they became mature and beautiful. Imagine then someone uprooting each and every flower that you planted in front of you, slowly but surely reaping your garden apart, How would you feel??? Indeed, it is better to lose through death than to lose because they don’t love you enough. (Death is better than a heartbreak)   […]


Telone: The Best WiFi Provider For October 2020

Having too many options to choose from makes it very hard for us to make a decision (the best decision). This is because different companies offer packages with seemingly different advantages or benefits. Add to that different costs. But what makes it really hard for us to make a decision is not the number of options, rather it is the amount of information each option gives us. Lots of information can make us believe that the stakes of our decision are higher than they really are. Everyone  wants to make the best and perfect choice. But what we will regret […]


The Giants at it again: Telecel vs Econet vs Netone (October 2020 data bundles)

Imagine the amount of stress that you go through every month when they send you that little message with gigantic content announcing that ” we have revised our tariffs please visit our website…” God, the pain that sinks in knowing that we are so broke but we can’t stay away from the internet or whatsapp so we just have to purchase them anyway. I can’t possibly heal the pain because I’m in the same predicament but I can offer a little help by giving you a wider range to choose from this month of October. I’ll give you my expert […]


Whatsapp and WiFi bundles (Telecel vs Econet vs Netone: October 2020)

Whatsapp bundles (October 2020) One of my best social media platforms is whatsapp, i know to those of us who are less social, its a no no for you but believe me I’d just die without it. I mean the way you can easily connect with other people and the amount of privacy it offers is just wow, well, wow until i think of having to buy bundles every month. That just takes the joy out of it all and with the way tariffs are rising every month, i might just have to sacrifice a meal or two to stay […]