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Telone: The Best WiFi Provider For October 2020


Having too many options to choose from makes it very hard for us to make a decision (the best decision). This is because different companies offer packages with seemingly different advantages or benefits. Add to that different costs. But what makes it really hard for us to make a decision is not the number of options, rather it is the amount of information each option gives us. Lots of information can make us believe that the stakes of our decision are higher than they really are.

Everyone  wants to make the best and perfect choice. But what we will regret more is the extra time we spend analyzing and comparing information, which, during the process might lead to frustrations and fatigue. When this happens, it will influence our decision making usually leading to bad decisions.

That is why we have made it our focus to help you decide on the best WIFI provider for you for each month by making the needed comparisons for you every month. Research is done for you and all you have to do is decide from the data given

All the duration period for the WiFi data bundles in the table is 30 days unless indicated.

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Telone has increased its WiFi prices at a higher leap than last month’s increase. It has many options to choose from that one is able to find something they can afford. Their speed is 20Mbps.


Prices for Zol have also increased. The speed for Zol ranges from 7-15 Mbps.


Comparing the 3 this has more reasonable prices that many can afford. But one must take into consideration that they’re GB are smaller tan of the two. But then it is an advantage to some who do not require many GB.

final conclusion

I recommend people to use Telone this October. It is clear that among all its competitors it has reasonable prices and its speed is not so bad that one can work well with it. It has a variety to choose from too ensuring everyone can afford.








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