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Who Should Work on the Relationship?


Dating advice for women to follow

When you work at a job, you are paid for your work. When you date around, you don’t get paid. Does this mean you can date around and not get special treatment? Well, the answer is no. Nuh-uh. Not a newspaper, not a magazine, not even The Oprah show. If you date around and someone works for the company, you still have to show your colleagues that you are specialized. You can only do that if you work for the company.

When a man has a task given to him, either as a task or as a request, and he has no choice whether to accept or reject it, what does that tell you? If he has no choice whether to accept or reject something, that means he has no choice in the matter. What makes him think he can our his task to someone else?

In baseball, the umpires have a magic moment that lets you know when you hit a home run or not. The moment is short and very important, and it is talked about all the time. When a bases is down to only one at a time, the situation is called a “geruine opportunity”. Why is this important?

Well, most of us are so worried about making a good first impression to the opposite sex that we often don’t even bother to use our own judgment. In fact, most of us are too quick to assume that other people are as wise at dating as we are.

When someone has asked you out on a date, you have one of two choices. You can either go through the long, drawn out process of determining whether you might be interested in them in the long run or you can just kind of tag along and hope that they “get the message”.

The “geruine opportunity” approach requires you to think differently than most, and not assume that other people are as intelligent as you are. It forces you to examine the situation for a moment. You need to reach in and get that conversation, even if you are not particularly attracted to the other person.

So why did this particular comment draw me to the hard way?

Because it forces you to consider another person’s value system and their perception in this particular situation. You could be the cool patron with the 0-100 rule or you could be the person who pays the pips.

In fact, the whole purpose of dating is to get to know another person’s value system. At the end of the date, and after they have been pipped, it is up to you to remember the value you placed on the evening, and perhaps they will realize theirs.

If you accept that dating is not about answers, you will realize that you will not be as nervous talking to anybody that you do not care about.

Hypnosis is an advanced art. When you are under the hypnotic spell you have no way of knowing what you are talking about. Suddenly you find yourself drawn into their world and as you try to peel away your eyes you find that you cannot. All rules and boundaries that you set work for you now.

That is the kind of power we are insinuating here. Illusion. It is like being on a roller coaster. It takes you up and down before you finally reach a level of comfort where you are comfortable with each other without having to do the talking.


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