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What Men Want in a Woman


Being a single woman can be very difficult. There is not enough understanding of what men want in a woman to help navigate through the different dating situations. There are three major candidates with which most men have in mind when they are looking for a woman: a) a woman with whom they would consider establishing a serious long term relationship; b) a woman they are attracted to but feel not “attractive” enough to date; or c) a woman who merely fills their mental list of physical attributes. And though attractiveness is a complex subject, I will attempt togive sometookeduce on what a man finds attractive.

A man wants a woman who values herself. In a society where women are valued based on theiruccreaturity and intelligence, it can be easy to lose track of what it means to be a woman with value. Our society has taught us to be more concerned about what other people think of us rather than about what we think of ourselves. But there is one point I want to pay emphasis to. A woman who truly values herself does not need a man in order to fill her life. She does not want ego, but she is not defined by what other people think of her either. Whoever you are living life with the most important thing you possess is you. The things you do with the most available energy are your best possessions. What other people seem to possess conveys how valuable you are in other peoples eyes. This is why so many people have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Their thoughts are pressured by their need to be attractive to other people.

Being valuable and attractive means that you have a full life. Your main focus should be maintaining your integrity and living a full, rich life. You have other people in your life who will support you, and important parts of your life such as career and education. You strive for growth and new experiences.

We all have the same basic goals in life, but your method of reaching your goals may be very different. Your values may be totally different. Or your method of achieving your dreams may be so radically different from another person’s. Allowing yourself to reach your most potential, in terms of your education, personal goals, social goals, and financial goals can be very challenging. Allowing yourself to have fun, to have fun, and to have fun at work is a very important part in reaching your goals. When your mind is clear and your true passions are known, you can act confidently. You can be the best you can be at work and in life. Allowing yourself to relax and have a good time in your personal life will allow you to make your personal goals come true.

It is through these goals and actions that you gain experience and learn more about what you are looking for. You will become better through your mistakes, because you are learning what you need to improve your relationship with yourself and with others. When you add accomplishment to your experiences you earn both respect and admiration. Both are forms of emotional relief that make it easier to make the necessary changes to transform your life.


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