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Why do many people like to work hard not smart?


A few sugar cubes were lying on the top of a table.

A fly entered the room, flew straightaway to the cubes and started feasting on one.

An ant was standing on the ground in one corner of the room.

It smelled the cubes from a distance and started walking towards them.

After a few minutes, it reached the bottom of the table, and started climbing the wooden leg of the table, but fell a few times in the pursuit.

The fly, now full and satisfied, was roaming around the room, flying here and there.

It saw the miserable ant, desperately trying to climb the table and failing each time.

‘Poor insect, why don’t you just fly and reach the sugar cube in moments? Ohh, I think you don’t have wings. Then why don’t you just stop trying?’

‘I don’t have wings but I have my commitment and determination, I will keep trying in the simple and straight way I know.’ Said the ant.

After half an hour, the ant reached the table top and loaded the sugar cube on it’s back and started walking back.

The fly arrived and teased the ant: ‘So much efforts for a sugar cube, not worth it.’

The ant replied: ‘True, not worth it for you but absolutely worth it for me, because this is the only way I know to achieve my goals, also, I don’t have a habit of comparing myself with other creatures. Now please don’t irritate me, my family is desperately waiting for me.’

The ant smiled and walked away.

“Work smart, be intelligent, create great ideas, be a genius, think out of the box.”

A tip most successful people give to average people.

Sometimes I tried hard to be that genius but I couldn’t find any magic trick to think out of the box.

And then I realized that the simplest way to survive in life and walk towards our goals is hard work, we need no wings to start.

If you have an option, chose the smart way, but if you don’t have any, at least you can work hard instead of not trying at all.

But don’t compare yourself with others, or you may get demotivated.


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