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Sometimes we all need that sense of security within ourselves, that feeling that we are in control of everything that is happening around us. We desire to be above everyone else , more superior, powerful and above all else we want to be the ones with the secret to success, we want others to follow our lead and come to us for help and advise and not the other way round. That’s human nature and design and it is not entirely bad especially in the business world. We all need that inner desire to drive us and usually that desire to dominate is what keeps us going and i know that when we lose that desire we lose a sense of purpose in our business.We therefore have to make sure we maintain that fire burning within us so as to keep moving and the best way to do that is to join the world of technology, online business, the world made small, where you get to meet a lot of different competition each day who will make you try and test many methods that you never dreamed could be explored, new ideas and new areas to dominate emerging each day.

I know most of us in business are reluctant to join the digital world because they believe it is time consuming, not profitable and might require an extra pair of hands which is all somehow true except that instead of making you lose money it actually let’s you spend less for more returns. Going into the digital world now is the most profitable investment you can make for your company or organization and even as an individual because it allows you to secure long term customers as well as profits and you spend less money on adverts and other marketing campaigns because social media does that for you. The digital world brings the whole global village at your finger tips and allows all and sundry to access you in a very short space of time, so right now I would definitely bet my money on investing in this new global market.

How to get into the digital world?

digital world

Well join the Tremhost bus and be on your way, its fairly easy because we make your journey exciting, easy and we provide for a well detailed and easy to access page on our website that allows you to choose what you think is best for your business and we even make the choosing process easier by giving our expert recommendation as to what will work well for your specific organization or company. So the first step to getting into the digital world of opportunity is to simply log in to our website at, contact us on the details given for more information and help or simply select the right product for you and click on buy, and you’re good to go, your product gets set up as soon as you make payment and you can begin your online journey with us.

Why Tremhost.


Tremhost is not like other web hosting sites that still have non-SSD. Its SSD-boosted servers effectively avoid lags, delays, and downtimes. Websites powered by Tremhost load significantly fast. Our servers are therefore one of the fastest in the industry and we make sure that all your browsing becomes easy and very exciting by providing you with such incredibly fast servers that no company in the country has dared compete with.


We ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the packages we offer them and we are always readily available at any time to make sure that your needs are attended to. We have tech experts that are always on standby 24/7 to make sure that all your needs are catered for and that any anomaly is promptly resolved for your convenience. Our customer service desk is also always open to your queries as well as feedback on anything concerning us and this makes us a cut above the rest.

Easy use.

Our website is very easy to use and understand and it does not require any tech expert to be able to understand what is there and how to get what you want. You simply have to just go on the website and all the information you need will be right in front of you.

Value for your money.

Our services are remarkably cheaper and affordable for anyone be it a small business, medium to large we have packages that suit your company budgets because our products range from as little as $1, so whether you are just starting or you are now a guru in the market we’ve got you covered. All our products are extremely customer friendly in terms of pricing so even if your budget is $10, we can give you the best services for that money.

So as a company, our main aim is to make sure that you our valued user is happy and satisfied with the services we are offering you, we give you high quality, reliable, fast and affordable products and the best customer care that leaves a smile on your face each and every time.

What we offer as Tremhost.

Our services are a wide variety ranging from Domain names, Emails, web hosting and email hosting, servers etc. We try to make sure that we cover all your online needs thus instead of limiting our services to just one package we have created a wide range of packages so that you get all you need from your most reliable service provider.Almost all our services are aimed at making sure that you boost your online presence and make it easier for people to find you and your products faster than other companies, businesses or organizations so that you are able to dominate each and every market you venture into, country wide and also internationally.

Domain names and Emails


domain names. These are names that identify you on the internet, this name helps people to find you online when they simply search for it. It is easier and much more convenient for your customer if you use a domain name as they don’t have to be opening every other nameless website in order to find you. Your customers get to just easily get access to you and this reduces boredom on their part. Examples of Domain names are;; and (zyx) here is standing for your company name or whichever name you choose that is memorable and to your best advantage over your competitors. You can either choose; .com; .org or .net and this highly depends on the nature of your business.

Emails. As a company we also provide you with a personalized email for your company or organization. We make sure you have an email that matches with your domain name so that customers are able to easily remember your email address as well as domain name hence making it easier for transactions to tale place between them and you. We also make department specific emails so that one needs not go through the trouble of first accessing the main company email then the specific department, we make it so easy for them that your website becomes a convenient place for customers to be. Examples of these emails are or any other extension you decide (.com; .org; .net).

Websites and Stores.

web design

This package allows you to create your own website with us. We give you the opportunity to design it as per your desire and allow you to pick out the specifics that should be on your websites. Of course we know that you may not be sure of the important features that are necessary for your specific website so we take it upon ourselves to recommend the best and key features that you may need to have a smooth running website. So for a very affordable price we design the best, industry standard website that is designed by you and co designed by us to produce your best, something that resonates who you are and what you are about. In addition to the general website, we also create online stores for you where people can come and buy products, goods and services from your company online e.g if you are selling clothes, groceries etc. This becomes very convenient as the customer is saved from the burden of having to physically be present at the store to purchase something.

Web hosting and Emails.

person on website

Tremhost offers the best services in as much as web hosting is concerned. Our hosting package is fast and very reliable.Since its debut in 2016, the web hosting service provider has never experienced a major downtime. The most downtime that was suffered by users only lasted for 12 minutes. On top of this, our servers use very fast SSD drives and we are the only web hosting company that provides this service country wide and this makes us unique and special in your eyes. So our web hosting package allows you to store all your emails and website information with us and we ensure the maximum security for these.



This package provides you with a system in which you can store all your website information, passwords etc in any country of your choice between Zimbabwe, India, USA and Australia. We offer two options here mostly depending on size of business and your budget. The first option is getting the VPS servers where you will be sharing a server with other users but you are allocated your own space on the server, here you are allowed to buy more space n the event that you finish up yours and someone within that server is not fully utilizing theirs. The second option is to buy the Dedicated servers and here you get to have the whole server to yourself. The first option is usually for small businesses and individuals who have little data whereas the latter is for big businesses or those businesses looking to grow bigger in the imminent future. Whatever the case may be, we have the right servers for you.


ssl certificate

As a company we also register SSL certificates for our users and others who may want to get them. This is the certificate that ensures that your website is secured from internet bots,viruses and is not hacked by other people. This certificate is very important since without it your website is left to the mercy of online predators who can disrupt the smooth running of your website and also even temper with the data on your website in order to discredit you. So this is a very important package for anyone who wants or already owns a website.

Cpanel reseller and IT solutions.

Cpanel reseller is another one of our services that allows our dear customers to be able to also host websites through us. We provide you with the necessary equipment as well as space to enable you to also host other websites and we help you through it all. So you buy space from us which you will, with our help rent to other websites thus earning more incoming for your company.

IT solutions. Tremhost also offers you an intelligently placed IT brain that has answers to all your questions on technology. We are the best tech consultants in the country and our services are to die for. We offer our expert advise on very affordable prices and also allow for a refund if you fail to make it for our session and we make sure we solve your problem for you in the best way possible.

On top of all these remarkable services, we also offer;


All our services at Tremhost have one main purpose, that is to make sure that you as our customer gets the best online experience and that your talent reaches millions of people in a very short space of time. With us distance is not a barrier for your products and your creative talents. We want you to glow and grow with us so that you and your business reach to great heights.



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