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Tremhost: A Diamond In The Sand

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Tremhost is a Zimbabwean web and software service company. It was formed and it started operations in the year 2016. Ever since then it has grown and increased the number and quality of services it provides. This has made it be known as the most effective and best web and software provider in the country and also be known nation wide. There are reasons why it has grown and why is is becoming the most sought after web and software provider.

Reasons Why It Is Best

Easy To Use Website

Woman on laptop

Woman on easy to use website

The Tremhost website is designed in a way that one can use it without the help of the Tremhost team or help from anyone. Even first time users find it easy to use. The information written there is self explanatory and makes it easy for one to understand. However help is given for those who might find it challenging to use the website. We have a whatsApp platform, a live chat room and an open support ticket that you can use to contact us anytime should you require help.

Information written there is correct and not designed to trick potential buyers into buying services. Rather it gives both the advantages and disadvantages of such a service and leaves the decision whether to buy or not to you alone. There are different links on each different type of service that take you to where you want to be or that refer you to more information. These links also make it easy for those that want to purchase as they take you directly to the purchasing page which also shows the different prices for the products.

Unlike other website pages, Tremhost website pages are not bombarded by ads which are likely to cause confusion especially to those that are new to use technological devices. These ads will also distract the user from the real and important reason why he or she visited the page and they end up taking lots of time for these users. The Tremhost website therefore protects you from these type of distractions and just allows to do what you came to do.

SSL Certificate

SSL lock

An SSL lock

Some websites are easy targets to hackers. We know that your information must be secret and protected. That is why our website is protected by an SSL. When you do your online purchasing on the site, be free and feel assured that your most important personal details ( bank account information etc) are protected from bots and hackers.

Experts at Your Disposal

Professional helping customer

A professional helping a customer

The Tremhost team is made up of professionally qualified personnel. So you find out that their services are of the greatest standard. Their main aim is to help customers find real and satisfying value for their hard earned money. Even if they are experts and professionals, they do not only stick to what they know is best but are open to your ideas and wants. They then help you incorporate your ideas and their ideas and help you see which is the best for your company or website. The team works efficiently and it is fast that they always meet their deadlines. They know and live by the rule that: time is money. So you can be assured that you will get your service on time when you use Tremhost.

Affordable Prices



Many small and new businesses are not able to get web and software services because of the high prices charged for such services. Tremhost knows that there are businesses that are still small and that might not be able to purchase services even if they are essential to the business. We care and want to help such businesses to grow and flourish. That is why our prices for services range from so small an amount so that they are able to survive.  When such businesses grow and require improved and higher quality services, they are able to upgrade to those type of services.

We also have prices that fit big companies that have the capacity to pay large amounts and that require services of much higher capacity and quality. They can pay for annual services.

Our prices are such that we help everyone to grow and get to where they want to be.

We Offer A Variety Of Services

We offer a wide variety of services for your convenience. These services range from ssl certificates, microsoft and adobe apps, website and stores, web and email hosting and so much more. Our offering such many services and solutions is so that you access them easily ( at one site) and at very affordable prices. And all our services are of high quality. When newer visions of such services come, we quickly upgrade ours to make sure that you have these upgraded visions at the right time and help keep your business at the top of others at all times.

These services are not only limited to companies or businesses but can be also used by individuals, non profit organization, schools and governments. They only vary in the type and quantity you need them and are priced accordingly.

For each type of service we offer, information about the service is given including the advantages and disadvantages. If the service has many types, they too are listed down. You then are able to make a wise and informed decision that you think is best for you and or your business.

Servers in 4 countries

Continent picture

A continent picture

When you choose a web and software service provider, it is important to know if they are reliable because if they are not, it is likely to ruin your business and bring bad publicity when your business becomes slow. As it is our aim to help you not destroy you, we understand the need for you to be reliable to your customers. We at Tremhost are very reliable to you our customer. Our servers are found in not one but FOUR different continents that are known to have reliable services. This way, we always have reliable backups for our services. And the space that we own is so much that you are assured of it never running out and you can purchase as many as you want. There is always monitoring of our services at all times around the clock.

Privacy Policy and Conditions

Before you start working with us, you can first read about our private police. There, it is well explained which type of data is required from you. It is also explained why and how we will use your personal data. The types of tracking technologies used are also given. Definitions of words used on the site are also given so that you know exactly what is meant or referred to by a certain word. Knowing such information will make you feel free to work with us and provide your personal information when required.

We know that for us to work well together there must be rules and regulations governing us. That is why we have Terms and conditions available on the site for you to read before you start working with us. It is important for you to read this and agree to the terms and conditions. For instance, reasons for the termination of contracts and what leads to it are well explained there and the time.

No one want to find out later that they have been dealing with an illegal company not recognized by the government at it might bring you bad publicity and make you to loose your customers. Tremhost is an officially registered service provider according to the country’s laws. Therefore you can feel free to work together with us and trust in our legal way of operations. We are also a law abiding company that pays tax on time.


If you want the best value for your money, Tremhost is the best provider to use for web and software services. Zimbabwe is our target market but we are so good that we have customers in different countries like India and the United States.

We value our customers so much and we are dedicated to make them happy and satisfied with the services we offer them. Even the small business matter so much to us. We want all of them to grow and be efficient that is why our ranges of prices and services start from very affordable amounts and increase as you go up.

We are very reliable as we have servers in different countries and continent and our expert team members work efficiently . And monitoring of our services is done 24/7.

If you want evidence of our being the best in the field, there are testimonials on our website pages by different clients who got different services and who were satisfied  by our services and customer care.

We are here to help you grow, stay on top of your competitors, be efficient and we help you to gain the trust of your customers by our fast, reliable, effective and affordable prices for the best web and software services.

People shaking hands

People shaking hands


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