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Best web hosting in Zimbabwe


Tremhost offers shared hosting packages, which are considered to be cost-effective, user-friendly, and an ideal choice for small businesses and startups.

Below, each package from their shared hosting services is described:

  1. Budget Plan 1: For just $10/year, you get 250MB storage space, 1GB monthly bandwidth, support for 1 sub-domain, 1 Email account, 1 database, 1 parked domain, and 1 add-on domain. This package also includes 24/7 customer support, free SSL, website builders, and a promise of 99.9% uptime.
  2. Budget Plan 2: Priced at $15/year, this plan doubles the offering of Plan 1, providing 500MB storage space, 1GB monthly bandwidth, and administration for 2 sub-domains, Email accounts, databases, parked domains, and add-on domains.
  3. Budget Plan 3: This package offers 800MB storage space, 1-2GB monthly bandwidth, and supports 3 sub-domains, Email accounts, databases, parked domains, and add-on domains for $20/year.
  4. Budget Plan 4: This offers 1GB storage space, 1.5GB monthly bandwidth, and support for 4 sub-domains, along with 5 Email accounts, 4 databases, 4 parked and 4 add-on domains. The plan is priced at $30/year.
  5. Cheap: A cost of $36/year gives you 2GB storage, 3GB monthly bandwidth, with unlimited sub-domains, 30 Email accounts, and space for 3 databases, parked, and add-on domains.
  6. Starter: For $60/year, you’ll have 5GB storage space, 5GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, 100 Email accounts and management features for 5 databases, parked, and addon domains.
  7. Pro: For $84/year, you get 10GB storage space, 10GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited sub-domains, 200 Email accounts, and support for 10 databases, parked, and add-on domains.
  8. NVME 1: Priced at $15/month, this plan offers 20GB storage space, a massive 4,000GB monthly bandwidth, boasting unlimited features for sub-domains, Email accounts, databases, parked, and add-on domains.

All plans are optimized for WordPress, offering features such as site builders, free SSL certificates, 24/7 customer support, and 99.9% uptime. Furthermore, all packages come with Cpanel Included, the Softaculous auto-installer, and the ability to create an email and calendars.

In conclusion, Tremhost’s shared hosting services seem quite varied and affordable, offering a wide range of options which could certainly put them among the top web hosting providers in Zimbabwe. Be sure to choose a plan depending on your specific needs and the scope of your online presence.


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