Tremhost offers some of the best email hosting services in Zimbabwe. They provide professional and reliable email solutions tailored for businesses. Their cloud-based solutions allow you to communicate professionally with personalized email addresses matching your business name, boosting your brand’s visibility.

Here are the key features of Tremhost Email Hosting:

  1. Custom email addresses: Create professional-looking email addresses matching your business name (e.g.,,
  2. Storage space: Email hosting plans come with storage options ranging from 1 GB to 7500 GB.
  3. Virus protection: Protect your emails from viruses and malicious threats.
  4. Address book & Calendar: Manage your contacts and schedule via the integrated address book and calendar features.
  5. Spam filter: Keep your inbox clean and organized with built-in spam filtering.
  6. Webmail: Access your email accounts from any computer, at any time through a web browser.
  7. Outlook integration: Connect your email accounts to Outlook for seamless management.
  8. Synchronized on all devices: Access your email and calendar data across all your devices.

Tremhost offers affordable email hosting plans, starting from $1 per month:

  • Entry Emails: 1 Email Account, 1 GB Storage Space
  • Basic Emails: 5 Email Accounts, 2 GB Storage Space
  • Basic Plus Emails: 10 Email Accounts, 15 GB Storage Space
  • Pro Emails: 25 Email Accounts, 40 GB Storage Space
  • SME Emails: 50 Email Accounts, 75 GB Storage Space
  • Corporate Emails: 100 Email Accounts, 300 GB Storage Space
  • Corporate (Large): 500 Email Accounts, 1000 GB Storage Space
  • Supreme Emails: 1000 Email Accounts, 7500 GB Storage Space

For more information about Tremhost and their email hosting plans, visit