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Email hosting in Zimbabwe guide


Tremhost provides reliable email hosting services in Zimbabwe, which include:

  1. Professional Emails – Have an email address that matches your brand name, which not only looks professional but also helps to boost your brand image
  2. Email Accounts Creation & Management – Tremhost allows you to create new email accounts, modify passwords, set mailbox sizes, access webmail and configure email clients, etc.
  3. Forwarders – A feature that allows you to route multiple emails into one account, thus saving time on checking different email accounts
  4. Email Calendars – Stay connected with the powerful email and calendar capabilities
  5. Auto Responders – Very useful when time away from a computer or internet access is expected. Auto responders can be set with a custom reply message

Tremhost provides affordable business email solutions and outstanding customer service. Here are the hosting packages they offer:

  1. Entry Emails – Priced at 1/month; includes 1 email account, 1GB storage space, virus protection, address book, calendar, spam filter, webmail, compatibility with Outlook and more; can be synchronized on all devices
  2. Basic Emails – Priced at 2/month; includes similar features as Entry Emails but with 5 email accounts and 2GB storage space
  3. Basic Plus Emails – Priced at 3/month; includes similar features as Basic Emails but with 10 email accounts and 15GB storage space
  4. Pro Emails – Priced at 4/month; includes similar features as Basic Emails but with 25 email accounts and 40GB storage space
  5. SME Emails – Priced at 5/month; includes similar features as Basic Emails but with 50 email accounts and 75GB storage space
  6. Corporate Emails – Priced at 6/month; includes similar features as Basic Emails but with 100 email accounts and 300GB storage space
  7. Corporate+ Emails – Priced at 10/month; includes similar features as Basic Emails but with 500 email accounts and 1TB (1000GB) storage space
  8. Supreme Emails – Priced at 15/month; includes similar features as Basic Emails, but with 1000 email accounts and a whopping 7500GB (7.5TB) storage space.

In addition, they offer webmail service which allows access to email from any computer at any time, as long as there’s an internet connection and access to a browser. With Cpanel and WHM, you can launch new email accounts, create shared calendars, and enjoy various levels of spam protection.


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