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Monkey Pox: Could It Be Similar To Covid-19

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What Is Monkey Pox? 

Monkeypox Is an ongoing outbreak that is similar to small pox and it is believed to have been transmitted to humans from animals.

As stated by the Word Health Organization (WHO), the first case of monkey pox was recorded in 1970 and this was in the Republic of Zaire now known as the Republic of Congo/DRC.

At first, monkeypox was believed to have occurred only in Central and West Africa. However, the spread of this virus has been increasingly spreading across urban areas and in 2003, the first case recorded outside Africa was in the United States and this one case, led to more than 50 more cases in the United States alone.

This disease or virus was later identified again on the 22nd of May 2022 with most of these cases being discovered in the United Kingdom.

Dissemination of Monkeypox.

The transmission of this disease can occur in different ways, and one way this can happen is through close contact or direct contact with infected rodents or lab animals such as rats, squirrels or even rabbits.

5 things to know about monkeypox after a new case appeared in U.S.

An example of how the pox look like on the palms.

Monkeypox can also spread from person to person in different ways and some of the ways it could spread could be though direct contact with someone with the disease, face to face contact and at times even during intimate physical contact such as kissing, cuddling or sexual intercourse.

Symptoms of Monkeypox

Dr Rosamund from World Health Organization says monkey pox is a moderate disease and also says that people that have monkey pox or conduct it do not become very ill.

However, some of the symptoms of monkey pox include, back pains, lack of energy, muscle aches, swelling of lymph nodes and one typical feature of this disease is that they appear like measles, chicken pox or even small pox.

In 95% of the cases, monkey pox tend to be more concentrated on the face and in some cases on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

This disease could also have some secondary effects and one of these effects include infection of the cornea which could result in loss of vision.

Treatment of the disease

If someone is suspected to have monkeypox of if you suspect to have contaminated the disease then you should quickly visit a health sector and the health workers should assist you through taking the necessary samples. the health workers should also assist you through taking the necessary fluids and food that will help you to maintain the suitable nutritional status.


Compared to Covid -19, we have seen that the monkey pox disease has less effects compared to the corona virus. for instance, we have seen that monkey pox has a lower death rate and the secondary effects are way better compared to what we know about the secondary effects of the corona virus.

So what then are the further steps we need to take to stay safe from the monkey pox disease?

One way to do this could be through practicing good hygiene and this could be through washing our hands with clean running water after being in contact with infected or suspected infected humans or animals.

So let’s all stay safe and may we all practice good hygiene in order to end the spread of the disease.