Month: September 2020


That’s a Lethal Weapon! Drop it!!!


  Have you ever wondered what causes people to behave impulsively, have mood swings, be unusually moody or even have character traits that may seem anti-social? Most of us would associate such behaviors to a person’s upbringing, character etc. We would consider such people as those who did not receive a good upbringing or who are generally bad in nature. But is this really true? Are there people who are generally bad in nature? I believe not. in the African context, we are groomed to believe that a person’s behavior is shaped by how they were brought up and their […]

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How To Get A Job With 5 Key Steps


When you have been unemployed for some time, or when you have just lost your job, it is easy to get down heartened. You are not alone in feeling this way. You might start wondering if there is something wrong with you or might feel that fate is not on your side. However to be able to get a job, you must stand out from the rest. You do not need to be a thousand times better than others, just 10 percent is enough to land you a job. This article will give you the much needed 10 percent to […]


Glow and Grow with Tremhost


Sometimes we all need that sense of security within ourselves, that feeling that we are in control of everything that is happening around us. We desire to be above everyone else , more superior, powerful and above all else we want to be the ones with the secret to success, we want others to follow our lead and come to us for help and advise and not the other way round. That’s human nature and design and it is not entirely bad especially in the business world. We all need that inner desire to drive us and usually that desire […]


Tremhost: A Diamond In The Sand


Tremhost is a Zimbabwean web and software service company. It was formed and it started operations in the year 2016. Ever since then it has grown and increased the number and quality of services it provides. This has made it be known as the most effective and best web and software provider in the country and also be known nation wide. There are reasons why it has grown and why is is becoming the most sought after web and software provider. Reasons Why It Is Best Easy To Use Website The Tremhost website is designed in a way that one […]

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Why Choose Tremhost?


To always be at the top of your competition, you must have the right and best backup services at your disposal. Only that way will you be the best at what you do and kill the competition. But the world offers many options to choose from that you may find it difficult to choose the best services for your business. This article will help you with that problem by outlining reasons why you ought to choose Tremhost and no other for your services. It will help you see why Tremhost, which offers a wide range of web and software services […]

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Tremhost: The Dawn of a New Era


  Want to know more about Tremhost and the services we provide? Well you have come to the right place. Buying a product is not simply  a matter of how much it costs or how many people are using it. It is about getting something that you are able to create a relationship with, something you yourself can place value in and bond with, when you purchase a service you should know deep inside you that you have bought a very important part of your life that will enable you to reach to great heights and accomplish your goal. It […]

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6 Things About Life That Will Shock You


Never shake a baby For many people, shaking a baby is an effective way to make him stop crying. But what they do not know is that it can damage the baby.  Since a baby’s muscles are not yet fully developed, and they still have a weak neck which makes it hard for them to fully support their heads and their brain tissue is exceptionally fragile, shaking a baby for only a few seconds can cause lifetime injuries. Vigorously shaking a baby causes a sudden whiplash motion that can cause bleeding, swelling and bruising in the baby’s head and it […]

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Christmas is not real!!! Or is it?


I believe that Religion is not something we should follow blindly. In as much as faith and logic are not supposed to be applied at once, i strongly feel we should apply them one after another. Why? Well because if you believe in something that you know nothing about, It’s quite difficult to develop a personal relationship with that thing. So its like you believe but you do not know and as such you are already at the verge of not believing because you already do no know what it is you are doing and why. It’s like being in […]


How You Are Wasting Thousands Unaware


Everyone wishes they had more time on their hands. Once lost, it can never be found again and there is no way one can purchase time. As they say; time is money. But many people cannot manage time wisely. So how can we make sure we are not wasting time and money? Below are some suggestions that can help. Be Organized Prioritize Know the most important things in your life. Prepare a to – do list outlining these important and urgent things you need to do. The list does not have to be very detailed. Write them in the order […]

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Two And A Half Minutes to Doomsday


The years since World War 2 have been dubbed by some as the Great Acceleration. In a single lifetime, people have seen remarkable transformations in transport, communication and other technologies which have brought unprecedented economic changes. Many now enjoy a standard of living they at some point thought impossible. At the same time the earth’s population has nearly tripled. However, these advances come with a great cost to our beloved home; the Earth. The year 2017 started with a dismal proclamation by the scientific community. In January, a group of scientists declared that the world was getting ever close to […]