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Should i buy a new car or an old car?

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Which kind of car would one choose between a new model and a second hand model? I’m sure most of us would opt for the new model and I’m not going to bash that view because its highly accurate. However i personally want to carry out an analysis on what would be the best model to choose taking all factors into consideration.

Advantages of a new car.

brand new car

Warranty guaranteed.

This is the biggest advantage of a new car. You are guaranteed of a warrant for a specific period of time and you can claim this within the given time frame.This means that if you incur a fault with your new vehicle you are able to go back to the car dealer and either get a new vehicle, a refund or any other compensation as stated in the conditions of purchase contract or form. This highly unlike used cars where there is no warranty at all and usually if a fault occurs with the car during the early days after purchase some car dealers may actually refuse to refund you or give you a new vehicle. Thus you end up spending a lot more money on car repairs after purchase. So in this regard it is better to purchase a new vehicle.

The car isn’t used.

This may sound funny but its actually a great advantage to some people. A new car is generally new in terms of everything. There are no funny smells, damages or other stains or signs of wear and tear, thus you don’t have to worry about repairing your car soon after purchase or even in the next year or so because it will still be brand new. Unlike a used car, where it might come with a few patches that need fixing or some bad smells inside that may need to be dealt with all of which may cost more than just buying a brand new car.

Technological advancement.

New cars especially those being manufactured nowadays are basically more advanced in terms of technology as compared to older version, therefore where one wants to get a technologically advanced car, the best choice is a new car because that way you can get the latest version with the technology you need.Depending on which trim package you select, you will get access to the newest and most advanced technologies.


Compared to a used car, a new car is actually going to need service after probably a lot more kilometers of travel because everything there is still new and unused thus its durability is longer than that of a used car. So  a new car’s consumables (batteries, rubber bits, plastic bits, filters and so on) won’t need expensive attention for your first few years of ownership. Which means you don’t have to worry about the costs of maintenance for the first few years unlike a used car where you probably have to start maintaining it from like the first month after purchase and this is more costly.

There are also disadvantages to buying a new car.

Depreciation. New cars tend to depreciate faster that old ones as studies have shown.Edmund estimates a car loses 11% of its total value as soon as you drive it off the lot. By the time you’ve paid off the five-year loan, the car will be worth, on average, about 40 percent of its original value.Thus this presents a huge disadvantage of new cars.

unknown reliability.No one really knows the reliability of a new car in terms of stability, speed and whether or not it can withstand some rough roads or high speeds thus purchasing it is like actually gambling and  hoping you will win.

Expensive. New cars are generally more expensive than used cars.

Advantage of buying a used car.

a used car

Cost effective.

This is generally the biggest advantage of a used car. The fact that i can purchase the same vehicle for much less than the cost of a brand new one. This just makes it better than a new one besides a few polish ups here and there. So you can actually buy a used car for half the price of a new one. So if you really need a car but you can’t afford a brand new one, then you should consider buying a used one.

Avoid Taxation.

So unlike a new version or car, when you purchase a second hand vehicle you have the privilege of not paying tax depending though on the car dealer you buy from. So you save more money than what you would have used to purchase a new vehicle.

Low rate of breaking down.

A used car is used to being on the road and is better adapted to long distances and probably many types of roads thus the risk of it breaking down while traveling is fairly low as compare to a new car that is new to  the road.The engine has a long history of periodic fixing every time the owner visits the garage. Buying a used car will save you the fear to drive faster and perform different stunts on the road, because you are confident that the car  has adapted to these speeds and stunts over time.

Decent condition of used car nowadays.

Recently people have begun to sell used that cars that are in very decent conditions, that is to say some may actually be scratch free and look almost new new. There is therefore now a very small difference between a used car and a new one in terms of general outside appearance, so one can safely opt for a used car instead of a brand new one.

However there are also disadvantages to buying a used car and these include;

Warranty. Some of these cars may not come with a warranty unless they are still under manufacturer’s warranty and also those with warrants may be limited to only a few months thus mechanical costs and others are left entirely to you.

Reliability.Used cars tend to be less reliable in the sense that they require more service and maintenance than new cars and may put the driver at risk if the car has a history of maybe accidents and break downs.

Although these points are not all the pros and cons of used and brand new cars, they actually help one in deciding whether to purchase a used or a brand new vehicle. I think it is very clear that the choice one will make is highly based on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the car as well as your personal preference. Although i would recommend  a used car considering above all the fact that nowadays they come in almost brand new qualities thus you stand to gain more than someone purchasing a new car.





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