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Shelby vs Monica Church- Comparison of Twins


Shelby Church and Monica Church are two famous twin sisters who first gained popularity on YouTube. They’ve since managed to expand their influence through multiple social platforms and areas of interest. While they share a lot in common, these twins also have their differences.

Content Focus

Shelby Church:
Shelby’s content primarily focuses on tech, lifestyle, and lifehacks. Her videos are informative and insightful, where she shares ways to be more productive and shares her opinions and experiences with various tech products.

Monica Church:
Monica, on the other hand, shares a mix of travel, lifestyle, and filmmaking content on her channel. Her videos are designed to inspire her viewers to try new experiences, go on adventures, and appreciate the beauty of the world.

Aesthetic & Style

Shelby Church:
Shelby’s videos usually exhibit a clean and modern aesthetic. Her style follows minimalist design principles, with well-lit shots and simple backgrounds that help emphasize the content.

Monica Church:
Monica’s style is more diverse, incorporating a variety of themes to complement her travel content. Expect warm tones, sweeping panoramas, and a sense of adventure and exploration throughout her videos.

Social Presence

Both Shelby and Monica have a significant presence across major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, in addition to their YouTube channels.

Shelby Church:

  • Instagram: @shelbychurch
  • Twitter: @shelbychurch
  • YouTube: Shelby Church
  • TikTok: @shelbychurch
  • Network: 1.4M+ subscribers on her main YouTube channel

Monica Church:

  • Instagram: @monicachurch
  • Twitter: @hairodynamic
  • YouTube: Monica Church and Mofilm-her filmmaking youtube channel
  • TikTok: @monicachurch
  • Network: 1M+ subscribers on her main YouTube channel


Shelby Church:
Shelby has collaborated with several companies for brand partnerships and has also recently ventured into merchandise sales.

Monica Church:
Monica is also an entrepreneur, owning a creative agency called Millennial Girls Media which focuses on short video production for other creators and businesses.

In conclusion, Shelby and Monica Church are both successful and hardworking, and each has made their own mark in the world of content creation. While they share similarities as twins, their content focus, aesthetic, and entrepreneurship journeys make them unique and distinct, providing their audience with diverse content to enjoy.


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