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Cheapest Licence Cpanel


Here’s how you can buy the cheapest Cpanel license from Tremhost:

  1. Go to the Tremhost Cpanel License page: Link
  2. Choose the license that fits your needs and budget. According to the scraped data, here are the options:
Package Name Price per Month
VPS License $4
Dedicated License $6
Standard VPS Bundle $9
Standard Dedicated $10
Essential VPS Bundle $11
Essential Dedicated $12
Full House VPS $20
Full House Dedicated $21

Note: All packages come with unlimited Cpanel accounts, free Softaculous Auto Script Installer, Free SitePad Web Builder, Free FleetSSL, Free JetBackup and some more additional features depending on the package.

  1. Click “Order” on the licensing option that you’ve decided to purchase.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchasing process.
  3. Once your purchase is successful, you will receive information on how to get started with your license.

Please ensure that you’ve checked the details and offerings for each package to make sure you’re buying the one that fits your needs.


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