Month: August 2022

Seven Reasons Why Some People Do Not Become Wealthy

The year is almost coming to an end. What where you able tp achieve in this year? Some will look for excuses to explain inaction, however do you know that other people where able to make a fortune this year? In the same year, others where making real estate acquisitions and building massive houses yet we are all under the same environment. If there is anything you need to know about changing your life, is that you need to stop looking for excuses and get to look for reasons why you can make things happen. Below are some of the […]

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Social Capital: Why Is It Important

There is a saying that says if you are not networking, you’re not working. Networking is described as an investment in your business, which can take time, but when done correctly, it can yield great the years to come The famous author and business transformational speaker Mr. Arthur Marara said this, “transactions are not made in the board room, they are only formalized there, people are not hired in the interview rooms, they are hired somewhere else, decisions are not made by people in suits, they are only formalized by them and contracts are awarded over coffee and braais.” In […]

Early Signs Shown By People Considering Suicide.

Suicide is when someone intents to end their life. This is a leading cause of death especially among children and in other cases even adults. However spotting the risk factors and the warning signs is not easy at all. Nearly 14 people, out of the 100000 deaths died by suicide in Zimbabwe in 2019 and nearly 46000 people in the United States committed suicide in 2020 alone, which is about one death every 11 minutes in the United stated by the US Centers For disease Control and prevention Researchers have found out that nearly 800 000 people die from […]

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Best Job Hunting Solutions

Many people have had a hard time trying to find a suitable job that can actually cater for their needs and wants and in most cases most of these people have ended up giving up on their dream jobs because of the different economical situations the world is facing. As a result of corruption, despite having the suitable qualifications to get their desired job most people with the qualifications have no jobs and in most cases they have jobs that don’t pay and match their study levels What then are the best job hunting solutions you could make use of […]