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Social Capital: Why Is It Important

People shaking hands
People shaking hands

There is a saying that says if you are not networking, you’re not working. Networking is described as an investment in your business, which can take time, but when done correctly, it can yield great the years to come

The famous author and business transformational speaker Mr. Arthur Marara said this, “transactions are not made in the board room, they are only formalized there, people are not hired in the interview rooms, they are hired somewhere else, decisions are not made by people in suits, they are only formalized by them and contracts are awarded over coffee and braais.”

In short, the purpose of networking is to build or make new friends that can in the end become business partners and through this process, you can in the end make progress on your career path quickly and also open new opportunities for yourself.

Some of these things will affect you in your business and this is the reason why we should get a bit of knowledge on the importance on Social capital or networking.

Networking Improves Your Creative Intellect

A simple interaction with someone is a way that can transform a year-long research work and can result in a break through. Networking can improve your intellect through broadening your access to new and more valuable information and through exposing yourself to new people, ideas and environments, you’re also allowing yourself to be open to new opportunities that can help for cognitive growth.

Networking Can Impact Your Business or Career Positively

One of the undeniable ways in which networking can help is through impacting your business or career positively. Most experts agree that success has a direct link to your networking skills and in most cases, the most connected individuals are usually the most successful. This is because through investing in both personnel and professional relationships you are likely to get easy access to the resources that are necessary to foster your career path, hereby putting you a step ahead in life.

Can Build Confidence

Sadly most people have avoided connecting with various people because of how shy they are or in simple terms because they are introverts. However, networking is a way that can boost the confidence you have and this is because it also give you a chance to gain a status. To do this you will need to keep in touch with the right people , and these people should be people that significantly contribute to your career growth. This could boost your confidence through paving a way for greater opportunities to come your way and such opportunities could be meeting famous people that could give you advice on how best you can build your career path effectively.


From this we have seen that networking is a highly beneficial way to your professional development. We have also seen that the more you network, the more exposure you will have to new ideas, professional advice, support, intelligence and also strategic insights and all these resources will have the potential to impact your professional success.

All these statements symbolize the importance of networking as it is a process that can make you more versatile. Networking is a process that can make you build connections in the future and this will come with many other added advantages.

Always remember, no man is an island every man is a piece of the continent and a part of the main, meaning no one is self sufficient and everyone relies on others.