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Protecting Multiple Domains and Sub-domains

ssl certificate
ssl certificate

Simplify and Save with Future-proof SSL Solutions

As your organization grows, chances are you’ll add domains and sub-domains. We know how challenging—not to mention expensive—it can be to try and keep track of multiple SSL Certificates, possibly bought from different providers, issued by different Certificate Authorities (CAs) and all expiring at different times. Not to worry—there are solutions specifically designed to simplify your life and save you money. Before we dive into these solutions, let’s cover a few basics.

Domains vs. Sub-domains

In case you’re not familiar with this terminology, having multiple domains means you have multiple root domains, such as:

Sub-domains are part of a larger domain, for example:

Wildcard Certificates

A Wildcard Certificate allows you to cover an unlimited number of sub-domains all with just one certificate. Simply put an asterisk in front of your domain name on your CSR. Wildcards save you money and simplify SSL management. They grow with your organization and allow you to secure any new sub-domains you add in the future. Wildcards also enable always-on SSL, so your visitors enjoy a secure experience across your entire website. 

Multi-domain Certificates

A Multi-domain Certificate makes it easy and affordable to protect up to 100 additional domains with a single certificate. Also referred to as SAN Certificates (Subject Alternative Name), they’re a good fit for securing different domains, UC environments, internal IP addresses and more. Simply fill out a SAN for every additional domain you wish to cover. Multi-domain Certificates offer more flexibility than Wildcards as they’re not limited to the same domain or number of levels. They’re available in all three validation types: Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV). 

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

So, what if you have both multiple domains and multiple sub-domains? That’s what the Multi-Domain Wildcard is for. It can secure multiple domains along with an unlimited number of sub-domains and, depending on the brand, up to 25 or 100 all on a single certificate. Available in both DV and OV, these certificates save you significant time and money.

Regardless of what you need to secure, we’ll find the SSL Certificate option that’s right for you.

Go ahead—keep growing. You don’t have to worry about security lapses or complexity. We’re here to help future-proof your websites with flexible options that simplify and save.


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