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How I Went From $15 per Article To $15,000 per Month in a Year


How I Went From $15 per Article To $15,000 per Month in a Year

How I managed to boost my income by a 1000 folds!


I began my writing journey exactly one year ago, armed with nothing but a burning passion for storytelling and a dream to make a living off it. I started with freelance platforms, producing content for as low as $15 per article, where I cut my teeth on everything from blog posts to technical writing.

Overcoming Early Challenges

In the beginning, the workload was massive, and the pay tiny. However, what seemed like small, meager earnings laid the groundwork for the obstacles I overcame and the successes that followed. I firmly believe that my early days taught me some valuable lessons about patience, consistency, and resilience.

Expanding My Skill set

Knowing well that one trick isn’t enough, I dove into the depths of writing. I expanded my knowledge and absorbed as much as I could about different styles and techniques. I got better at writing persuasive copy, engaging content and improving SEO ranking – all valuable writing skills.

Building A Portfolio

Having a diverse skill set wasn’t enough, I needed to showcase it. I started working on my online portfolio, including each unique project that I worked on. This portfolio acted as a testament to my versatility and served as an effective marketing tool for securing better-paid writing assignments.

Networking Is Key

One crucial thing I’ve learned over the year is that networking is everything. I started attending conferences, webinars, and meet-ups whenever possible. With each interaction, I learned, gained contacts, and managed to secure better-paying gigs.

Upskill and Certify

Complacency kills progress. As I grew in my journey, I took up various certifications and courses that further enhanced my writing skills. I got certified as a content marketer from reputable institutions. These added credibility to my profile.

High-Stakes Pitching

With a robust portfolio, a handy set of skills, and newfound confidence, I began pitching for bigger projects. I sought out media companies, corporations, and brands looking for writers, offering them my services. And it paid off!

Negotiate Your Worth

This was a vital step; knowing your worth and asking for it. Too many freelancers undercharge for their skill and time. Once I was confident in the quality I delivered, I didn’t hesitate in negotiating my rates.

My Winning Formula

I want to emphasize that there is no ‘one size fits all’ path in freelance writing, but being consistent, continuously learning, networking, showcasing your work, and knowing your worth are pivotal to growth and better income.

Finally, after one full year of sleepless nights and diligent hard work, I reached a monthly income of $15,000 – 1000 times the $15 I used to make per article when I started.

Remember, everyone’s writing journey is unique, so adapt my lessons to your own path and see where it leads you. If I can do this transformation, so can you!


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