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Get Your Name Out There :A Guide to SEO, Social Media and Branding Online



When you’re looking to build a brand online, it’s important to have the right digital strategy. No matter what type of business you’re in, there are several key steps that you can take to get your name out there. The first step is to make sure that your brand has a professional website and social media presence. This will help your customers find you when they search for services like yours on Google or other search engines. Once people find your company’s website, they’ll also want an easy way to connect with other customers who are like them—which brings us back to SEO!

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Get Your Brand Out There

  • What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results. It can be done through the use of on-page and off-page factors. On-page SEO includes things like keyword research, content creation, site structure and internal linking. Meanwhile, off-page SEO includes building links to your site from other sites that are also highly relevant to yours’ topic or niche. These two processes work together so that users will find your content when they search for something relevant on Google.* How does it work? Here’s how it works: When you enter a query into Google (or any other search engine), Google analyzes its indexing system — which contains billions of webpages — and returns those pages that match your query best at the top of their results page.* How do I improve my rankings? There are numerous factors involved in determining where certain websites appear on SERPs (search engine result pages). While there is no single method for improving rankings across all types of queries, there are some basic rules that apply across nearly every industry

  • What role does Google play here? Although there are many other factors besides keywords used by Google’s algorithm when determining how high a website ranks within its SERP listings, keyword usage remains one of the most important aspects in ranking well with both desktop users’ queries as well as mobile device searches

Building an Effective Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way to reach your audience. It’s easy to find and engage with potential customers online, which means that social media can be an effective way to generate leads and connect with your audience.

The best part? You don’t need to hire someone else to do it for you.

In this section we’ll cover some tips on how you can build an active social media presence, including:

  • The different platforms where you should be active (and why)
  • How often should I post?
  • What should I post about?

Create a Professional Website

  • Create a website that is easy to use. Your site should be simple and easy to navigate so that visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. If you have too much clutter on your homepage, it will distract people from getting the information they need.
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly. In 2018, Google announced that it would begin ranking websites with mobile-friendly designs higher in search results than those without them (this was previously known as “mobilegeddon”). If you haven’t already done so, make sure your website is optimized for smartphones and tablets by following these instructions from Google or hiring someone who knows how to do it yourself if you don’t feel comfortable doing this task yourself
  • Use brand colors throughout your site so visitors recognize when they’re on one of yours vs someone else’s business pages which could result in confusion about whether or not using said service/product is endorsed by another company (i.e., Facebook vs Instagram). You may also want to include some photos of happy customers or other visuals that show off what makes your brand unique!
  • Make sure your site is secure: It’s important consumers feel confident about giving their personal information away online; therefore, having security measures like HTTPS encryption is extremely important when building credibility online.* Have a blog: Blogging allows brands many opportunities such as sharing valuable information with target audiences which ultimately leads towards increased sales conversions through content marketing strategies like blogging 🙂

Getting your social media, website and SEO strategy in line can skyrocket the credibility of your brand and help you reach the right customers or clients.

There’s no question that social media, websites and SEO are all important parts of any brand’s marketing strategy. But how do you know if you’re doing them right? And how do you use them to your advantage so that they help build your credibility and get the right customers or clients coming through the door?

In this article we’ll show you:

  • How to create an effective social media presence using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • How to build a professional website that will help drive traffic back to your site as well as increase conversions from visitors who come in from Google searches. It also has some great tips on making sure it loads quickly so people will stick around longer (and maybe even buy something).
  • How to use SEO tactics like keyword research and link building in order to get more visibility for when people search for keywords related specifically with what services/products offered by businesses similar in nature but not necessarily competitors who have already been established online first!


We hope you found this guide helpful. As we said before, the best way to get your company name out there is by doing a little research, asking around and getting expert advice from professionals who can give you the proper tips and tricks on how to make things work for your brand. If all else fails, just remember that there’s always room for experimentation—with any luck, it won’t take long before you find something that clicks!


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