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Cpanel Reseller Hosting in Russia


Tremhost, a renowned web hosting company, has made a significant impact in the web hosting industry with its innovative and affordable Cpanel Reseller Hosting services. This service is particularly gaining traction in Russia, thanks to its stability and cost-effectiveness.

What is Cpanel Reseller Hosting?

Cpanel Reseller Hosting is a service that allows you to start your own web hosting business. It’s like having a dropship business without actually having any inventory. You can get started with as little as $5, and the profits can add up very quickly, especially if you have multiple websites that are generating traffic and sales.

Tremhost’s Cpanel Reseller Hosting

Tremhost offers a variety of reseller hosting plans, each packed with great features. These plans come with one-click software installs and 24/7 support. They also include a free WHMCS license, unlimited mailboxes, and automatic SSL installation.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Tremhost offers three main reseller hosting plans:

  1. Reseller 6 Solution at $21.99 per month, which includes 60 Cpanel accounts, 50 GB SSD storage space, and 100 GB bandwidth.
  2. Reseller 7 Solution at $29.99 per month, offering 120 Cpanel accounts, 100 GB SSD storage space, and 1 TB bandwidth.
  3. Reseller 8 Solution at $34.99 per month, providing unlimited Cpanel accounts, 500 GB SSD storage space, and 10 TB bandwidth1.

Each plan comes with a Softaculous Auto Script Installer, SitePad Web Builder, and the ability to resell domains for just $2.

Why Choose Tremhost?

Tremhost’s Cpanel Reseller Hosting enables you to provide your clients with high-quality service. The cPanel comes as the end-user control panel, which is fully brandable with your company logo and color theme. With almost 450 apps to choose from, Softaculous is the leading auto-installer that comes free with Tremhost’s reseller plans.

Tremhost also offers basic DDOS protection and supports multiple PHP versions. You can even have multiple PHP versions in the same account within a single cPanel account.

In conclusion, Tremhost’s Cpanel Reseller Hosting is a reliable and cost-effective solution for those looking to start their own web hosting business. With its robust features and affordable pricing, it’s no wonder that this service is becoming increasingly popular in Russia.


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