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Cloudflare vs Imunify360 vs CXS


Here’s a detailed comparison between Cloudflare, Imunify360, and CXS (ConfigServer Security & Firewall):


CloudFlare is primarily a content delivery network and internet security services provider. It can significantly speed up loading times and is designed to facilitate modern cloud computing. It also provides a smart dashboard for managing web services[5%5E].


Imunify360 is a security software developed by Cloudlinux that serves as a firewall for Linux servers. It boasts a six-tier web server security system with continuous updates[4%5E]. has seen a lot of users preferring Imunify360, praising its added benefits compared to the cost[2%5E].

CXS (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)

CXS or ConfigServer Security & Firewall is a popular choice for server firewall protection. It is commonly compared with Imunify360, which some users consider a more expensive option[2%5E]. The core features of CXS are to enable servers to be safer with user-friendly software, also with the capability to resist some usual server attacks.

Based on this information, Cloudflare, Imunify360, and CXS each have their strengths. Cloudflare is noted for its performance benefits and modern cloud-supporting features, while Imunify360 offers a robust security system for Linux servers in particular. On the other hand, CXS seems to be a more budget-friendly choice for effective server firewall protection.


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