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Create/Manage Alpha & Master Resellers. Plus WHM Migrations with Reseller Pass & Remote Backups.

WHMreseller offers the root server owner the ability to sell superior Alpha Reseller & Master Reseller Hosting Plans. Master Reseller accounts are normal WHM reseller accounts with an extra control panel accessible from WHM that allows the creation and management of multiple WHM Reseller Accounts. Alpha Reseller accounts are Master Reseller Accounts that can also create and manage mulitple Master Reseller Accounts. Under WHMreseller both these new types of resellers also come with bonus functions that are normally not availble to resellers, namely fully automated reseller account migrations between servers using only the reseller password and a comprehensive backup interface for immediate and automated backups both locally and remote.

WHM Reseller License is an ideal solution for resellers looking to offer an enhanced level of control and management over their customers’ web servers.

WHMReseller License

This license is ideal for users who want to manage their own shared hosting accounts and resell them to others. It gives you the ability to do everything that comes with a standard WHM/cPanel license, plus:

  • Remotely control and manage your customers’ servers from within your own WHM interface.
  • Use all of our popular add-ons at no extra cost! (See below.)

Remote Control and Server Management

Remote Control and Server Management

A WHM Reseller license allows you to access the cPanel interface from your server, which allows you to perform tasks such as creating Email accounts, adding domains and SSL certificates, setting up DNS records, installing WordPress sites and much more.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds

The WHM Reseller License is ideal for those who want to get started with a VPS host, but don’t want to pay for a full-fledged server license. It gives you complete control over your own virtualization environment and allows you to sell hosting services at your discretion.

WHM Reseller License

WHM Reseller License

WHM is a web hosting control panel that allows you to manage your customers’ accounts. The WHM Reseller License allows you to resell WHM services and make money from them. In other words, you can use this license to run your own web hosting company!

Cheap WHM Reseller License

WHM Reseller is an affordable hosting solution for small business owners and web designers. It provides a license to resell web hosting services to your own clients, which means you can be in the business of selling domain names, email accounts, databases and other services.


  • Clean easy to use Interface
  • Does NOT use PHP/MySQL
  • NO WHMCS module needed
  • Free automated updates
  • Fast simple Installation
  • Integrates with WHM Pkg Extns
  • Integrates with WHM Hooks
  • Maintains its own Backups
  • Regular patches/updates
  • Uses lastest Bootstrap 4
  • Reasonably priced
  • Highly flexible billing


  • Create Alpha/Master Resellers
  • Edit Alpha/Master Resellers
  • Upgrade WHM to Master
  • Upgrade Master to Alpha
  • Downgrade Alpha to Master
  • Downgrade Master to WHM
  • Suspend Alpha/Master
  • Terminate Alpha/Master
  • Monitor Alpha/Master Usage
  • Change Master Ownership
  • Change WHM Ownership
  • Create/Edit Alpha Packages
  • Create/Edit Master Packages
  • Create/Edit WHM Packages
  • Import Alpha’s/Masters
  • Set Backup/Restore Access
  • Set Default ACL


  • Create Master/WHM Resellers
  • Edit Master/WHM Resellers
  • Upgrade WHM to Master
  • Downgrade Master to WHM
  • Downgrade WHM to CPanel
  • Suspend Master/WHM
  • Terminate Master/WHM
  • Monitor Master/WHM Usage
  • Change WHM Ownership
  • Change CPanel Ownership
  • Create/Edit Master Packages
  • Create/Edit WHM Packages
  • Backup/Restore Accounts


  • Create WHM Resellers
  • Edit WHM Resellers
  • Upgrade CPanel to WHM
  • Downgrade WHM to CPanel
  • Suspend WHM
  • Terminate WHM
  • Monitor WHM Usage
  • Change CPanel Ownership
  • Create/Edit WHM Packages
  • Backup/Restore Accounts

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