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5 Side Hustles You Can Start in Zimbabwe


If you are unemployed, there is a high chance that your salary is barely enough. The cost of living is always increasing yet salaries remain low. Just a few weeks ago, the price of fuel increase (that is probably due to inflation, yes the usd has inflation). Adding insult to injury, the housing market is insane; rentals and real estate prices are doubling.

What can you do to keep up with the increasing prices?

You can have a side hustle.

Whether you are a student or a father or mother, the following hustles can help you earn a handsome pay and to clarify: gambling is not a side hustle- its stupidity. With that said, here are side hustles you can start in Zim:

  1. Flipping. Flipping an item just means buying an item for a good price and selling it for more elsewhere. Generally, you buy items used at places like Facebook. Some people even flip items for a living, making enough to quit their daytime jobs. If you are on Facebook, there are many buying and selling groups you can join and often at times people sell things they no longer need for a very low price. You can buy from a low price then sell at a high price. It is up to you to make needed consideration whether the item you intend to flip is in demand and can earn you money. Facebook is just one place to look for good deals, other places are Whatsapp groups of suppliers of various items you can buy at a lower price and resell. We advice you to be cautious in any dealing s you do and if you are making an exchange, people consider public places.

2. Starting a Youtube Channel. This will not earn you money in the short term but if you have a topic you are passionate about and you put in the work then sponsors will come corning at your door. It works like this: create amazing content (put in the time)> be consistent > market your content > encourage your audience to like and subscribe and trust me when you have the audience, you can get sponsors. There are people making millionaires from Youtube and it’s not too late for you to start. However, to make a million off youtube you may have to consistently invest in content (videos) over many years unless if you are just freaking good.

3. Bake and sell to your colleagues or classmates. If you know how to bake then you can monetize your skill. With an initial investment of flour, sugar and water; you can bake scorns, muffins or cakes (and slice them) then sell to people you work with or people in your class. Make sure to maintain good hygiene like having a good sanitizer and wraps- it will make your customers have confident in you and worry less about getting sick.

4. Sell cosmetics. Many women (and some men) heavily rely on make up. The cosmetics industry is a huge industry and will continue to grow (check the stats) and this is the opportunity you need. Find a really good supplier and post images of your products your whatsapp, instagram and facebook story/status and you are almost guaranteed to make a sale.

5. Actively listen and observe- solve a problem. There are many things you can do to earn more depending with which part of the country you are in. Making money always comes down to solving problems people are having so as long as you are solving a problem, you will earn.Your uncle needs a baby sitter? Offer without being asked! Your neighbor doesnt cut his lawn? Ask to do it, for a fee! You have a car that saves fuel? Ask your neighbors to do school run for them!

If you see an opportunity then by all means, take it.

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