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What are some brilliant small business ideas for students?


As a college student, you have a lot of options for how to make money. You could work at your campus dining hall or in the library. You could start a job at your university, which will pay pretty well if it’s in an industry such as science or engineering. Or maybe you want to take on some side projects on the side that don’t require much investment but can help teach you valuable skills and experience—like starting up a blog? These examples are just a few ideas for small businesses that students can start with little capital and minimal overhead costs.

1. Get your college degree in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting and operating a business. It involves making decisions about your company’s operations, including hiring staff, creating products or services, marketing them to customers and analyzing the financial viability of your venture.

Entrepreneurs also have to be aware of legal issues such as intellectual property rights (IPR) protection, tax regulations and labor law compliance.

A small business is defined as any organization with fewer than 100 employees at the enterprise level; however many other definitions exist depending on region or country. In Europe , small businesses are defined as those employing fewer than 1,000 employees; in North America , they’re defined as having less than 500 employees each; while Australia defines them at 25 full-time equivalents (FTEs).

2. Buy and sell domain names

Domain names are the words and phrases that you type into a search engine to find websites. There are opportunities to buy and sell domain names, just like there are opportunities to buy and sell any kind of business that you can think of. There are many companies that will help you do this, so don’t worry about it being too complicated!

If you have an idea for a new business, but don’t know where or how it would work yet, then buying and selling domain names might be one way for your idea to come into being. You could also hire someone who does know how everything works in order for them to help with setting up the website once they’ve bought all of those domains from other people who want out!

3. Start a blogging website

Blogging is a great way to make money from any spare time you have. If you’re a student, blogging will allow you to write about your interests and create content that people want to read.

Here’s how:

  • Start by finding a topic that interests you. This can be anything from personal finance tips, career advice or even recipes!
  • Create an account on WordPress (or another platform such as Squarespace), which hosts all of the blogs on this network; it’s free! Don’t worry if this sounds confusing at first—we’ll go over everything else in detail later on in this article so don’t worry if something isn’t clear yet!

4. Teaching

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is an excellent way to make money while you study. TEFL teachers work at private or public schools, sometimes with their own students and sometimes in pairs with other teachers.

If you want to teach online courses, there are many options available: You can run your own website with tutoring services running on it; you could also find one of these sites that lets people pay for lessons through PayPal or other payment methods. Other good options include teaching at [insert name of local community college here] and [insert name of university here]. If you’re interested in making money by tutoring after school programs, check out some sites like TutorVista and UpWork where students post job openings!

5. Become an online assistant

As an online assistant, you’ll be helping people with their online shopping needs. You can take orders from customers and process payments. You also help them with any questions they have about the products or services being sold by your company.

The best part about being an online assistant is that it doesn’t require much work on your part—you just need to accept orders, send out reminders when payment is due and provide customer support in case something goes wrong in the process (which isn’t surprising, considering how many companies rely on other humans).

The downside? Well…there aren’t many! Plus getting started isn’t hard at all; most companies will offer training programs so that newbie assistants can learn how everything works before starting their own businesses.”

6. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, especially if you’re looking for something creative and original. It’s also the perfect type of business to study marketing in college because it’s so simple!

The first step is to find products that people will be interested in buying. You can do this by looking through your local bookstore or online retailers such as Amazon or Walmart, where they’ll have plenty of choices available for sale. Once you’ve found some items that interest you (and maybe even bought them), consider posting an affiliate link on your website so people can easily purchase them through clicking on the link when they visit their favorite website (like ours!).

Once someone clicks on the link and purchases one item from your site (such as ours), then what? Well…it depends! Some websites might give away coupons worth $10 off $50 worth of merchandise if someone buys five items from them within 30 days; other websites may require payment upfront before shipping goods out; still others might offer discounted rates depending upon certain criteria met by consumers during checkout.*

7. Social media consultant

Social media is a great way to build your brand and reach a wide audience. You can make money by selling your services as a social media consultant, or charging clients for the time you spend on their behalf.

If you’re interested in this idea, consider posting regularly on platforms like Instagram or Facebook and offering advice about how to improve the visibility of their accounts in order to attract more followers. If they want to hire you full-time (and they probably will), then charge them what it takes—but remember that there are many different ways of getting paid online!

8. Become an editor

Becoming an editor is a great way to make money and learn more about writing. You can also build your portfolio and resume by editing other people’s work, which will help you get any job in the industry.

Editing is a skill that can be applied anywhere, so it’s definitely worth pursuing if you’re looking for an opportunity right now!

9. Start a business in the pet market

If you’re a student, there’s no better time to start a pet business than when you have time on your hands. Pet owners are a huge market and can be easily persuaded to buy something from their favorite animal dealers.

Here are some ideas:

  • Sell pet food and treats
  • Sell toys and accessories for cats, dogs and other animals
  • Sell insurance coverage for pets (this is especially important if your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes)

10. Sell your pictures through stock photography websites

Stock photography is a great way to make money. If you’re able to take good photos and have some expertise in your field, selling your images through stock photo websites like Shutterstock, iStock and Getty Images can be an easy way for you to monetize your talent. You can also sell pictures on your own website or through social media posts.

There are many ways to make money as a student

There are many ways to make money as a student. You can start a business while you are in college, or you can learn about entrepreneurship in college and apply what you’ve learned later on.

You could also learn about entrepreneurship online by following blogs, reading books and magazines, or watching TV shows or movies that feature successful entrepreneurs.


By using the ideas above, you can start your own business and make money while studying. You don’t have to have a fancy degree or experience to do it—it just takes some creativity, hard work, and some time!


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