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Tremhost cPanel Reseller


Tremhost cPanel Reseller hosting enables you to start your own web hosting business. Features that come with this service include:

cPanel: cPanel is a leading web hosting control panel that simplifies website and server management. You can create, manage, and customize individual cPanel accounts for your clients.

WHM: WHM (Web Host Manager) complements cPanel by providing the administrative access necessary to manage multiple cPanel accounts and reseller hosting settings.

Fully White-labeled: You can brand your web hosting business with complete white-label solutions. This includes using your own brand name, logo, and custom DNS.

Scalable resources: Depending on the package you choose, you are allotted certain resources (disk space, bandwidth, etc.). As your business grows, you can scale up your plan to get more resources.

Free SSL Certificate: Tremhost provides free SSL certificates for your hosted websites to encourage and maintain website security.

24/7 Support: Tremhost typically offers round-the-clock customer support to assist with any technical details or difficulties.

Before investing in a reseller hosting account, evaluate your business needs, your budget constraints and your technical skills.


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