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Shared Software Licenses in Dominican Republic


TremHost offers a variety of shared licenses in the Dominican Republic. Their licenses are more affordable compared to competitors, making them a popular choice among users. Below are the shared licenses and their respective prices offered by TremHost:

  1. JetBackup: $1.50 per month
  2. SitePad: $1.50 per month
  3. WHMReseller: $2 per month
  4. cPanel: $4 per month
  5. Imunify360: $3 per month
  6. OSM: $3 per month
  7. WHMCS: $4 per month
  8. LiteSpeed: $4 per month
  9. Plesk: $3 per month
  10. Virtualizor: $3 per month
  11. CloudLinux: $6 per month
  12. Softaculous: $1.50 per month
  13. CPGuard: $3 per month

TremHost offers 24/7 support to help customers with easy installation, high system security, instant activation, free installation, and secure payments. By using these shared licenses, you can rely on TremHost for high-quality services and competitive pricing.

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